Justin Craig Net Worth 2022- Height, Salary, Weight, Biography & Age

Justin Craig is a Canadian television actor who plays the lead role in the popular series, “Heroes”. Justin Craig’s character, Matthew McConaughey is an excellent and beloved actor that has managed to craft a number of memorable characters over his illustrious career. Most importantly, Justin Craig has managed to create an impressive net worth as he is currently seen as one of the top leading actors in the business today.

Justin Craig net worth is mostly attributed to his starring role in the award-winning television series, “Heroes”. Justin Craig’s acting prowess is acknowledged in this role which has made him a favorite amongst his peers. Justin Craig biography reveals that he was born in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. He is the younger half-brother of real estate tycoon, Justin Craig. Justin Craig was frequently seen on television as the energetic son of a prominent family.

Justin Craig Net Worth

Justin Craig Net Worth is $18 million

Justin Craig net worth is also largely based on his roles in movies and on stage. Justin Craig’s role as Thomas “Trip” Tracey in the film “Men in Black” earned him a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor in a Drama or Musical Series. Furthermore, Justin Craig has also been nominated three times for an Academy Award for his performances in the films “weenie point” and “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”.

Justin Craig Full Biography

Full Name Justin Craig
Net Worth $18 million
Date of Birth October 23, 1977
Age 49 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Justin Craig also has been in the spotlight for his controversial interviews that have caused controversy both domestically and internationally. Some examples of his controversial interviews are his public spat with the Parents Network anchor,aryn HuffPost and his feud with Fox News anchor, Bill O’Reilly. Justin Craig also made headlines for controversial statements he made about Senator John McCain and his military service. These statements earned Justin Craig much net worth as well as notoriety. In fact, Justin Craig’s net worth continues to grow despite these public setbacks.

Justin Craig’s most notable role to date has been in the television series, “Raising Helen”. Justin Craig plays the role of Reuben Feffer, a loving father who suffers from the death of his wife. Justin Craig’s performance as Reuben is what makes Raising Helen one of the most popular family sitcoms today. As well as starring in this popular show, Justin Craig also guest stars in a number of other television shows including Law and Order: SVU.

Justin Craig’s net worth continues to rise because no other actor has been able to capture the hearts of the audience like Justin Craig. He is a multi-faceted actor who plays different characters with distinct qualities. Justin Craig has also managed to raise his own net worth as he has found success in diverse roles. All in all, Justin Craig is an actor who has proven to not only have talent but also an ever growing net worth.