Kader Khan Net Worth 2021- Salary, Income & Earnings

The first question that comes to our mind when we talk about a Bollywood actor is what kind of actor he/she is and how much do they earn? Well, one can easily say that Bollywood is all about superstars and not everyone can play the role of a super star. However, there are various stars of Bollywood and we will discuss some of them here. We will also discuss some famous actors in the Hindi film industry. In the beginning, we would just talk about some of the most famous faces of Bollywood.

Kader Khan Net Worth is $30 Million

First we will start with a little actor called Kader Khan. Kader Khan is from the movie called Baahubali. This film has been receiving good reviews from all over the world and has given it a very positive response. As per reports, Kader Khan earns around 15 million dollars from his films every year and his salary is almost as high as the cost of making the films.

Another actor who is earning quite well in Bollywood is Salman Khan. The younger brother of Khan is going good in the films and is even getting a part in the lucrative Fast And furious. But, what is interesting about the younger sibling is that he is not paid according to his performance. On the contrary, the older brother gets more lucrative roles and higher salary.

Next on the list is another character from a popular Hindi film called Baba Dada. This character too is earning good money by portraying his role in the films. There was a time when Baba Dada was earning around 20 million pounds from his films. However, he fell into a controversy when the Indian government found out that the actor had been paid more than the minimum wages. The government has ordered a case against him and has asked him to pay the wages to the employee instead of the princely amount that he was paid earlier. So, this has become a great flop for this character as well.

The last Bollywood actor on our list is Mahesh Babu. He is playing a leading character in the film called Om Shanti Om. It is a story of a Hindu surgeon who is trying to save the life of an Army officer who is fighting the terrorists in Kashmir. This film has been shot in the famous cities of India like Mumbai and has received good response from the viewers. Babu’s salary will always be sky high and this actor is simply working too hard to earn that. So, if you wish to be the next Bollywood actor who makes a lot of money, then try Om Shanti Om.

There are many other characters in Bollywood films who are earning huge money by simply playing their characters. You can earn better if you play the character well. However, when it comes to a Bollywood actor, there is no such thing as acting. They are simply following the script and making movies that are worth watching.