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Kalabhavan Abi, a well known dubbing artist and actor from Tamil Nadu has made news worldwide after he was arrested on 3 September by the cops for drug dealing. Kalabhavan Abi has been working in the Bollywood industry for decades and has been performing brilliantly in various films. He is known as an excellent artist and singer who create songs and create art. The artist Kalabhavan Abi has created a name for himself in the Bollywood industry after starring in several movies.

Kalabhavan Abi Net Worth

Kalabhavan Abi Net Worth is

Kalabhavan Abi has a well earned reputation in the Hindi film industry. But his early days in Bollywood were not so good. Some of his first films that were produced failed to earn him any money. But his true color came when he was cast in Devrakshali and Apne Elle Pyaar Kyun Kiya. He acted in two films and received praises for his performances.

Kalabhavan Abi Full Biography

Full Name Kalabhavan Abi
Net Worth $1 Million – $5 Million
Date of Birth 3 September 1964
Age 53 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Kalabhavan Abi now has a film of his own called Kalabhavan after starring in the very successful Devrakshali. His name in the Bollywood industry is thus linked with high profile roles which have earned him enough income to leave a mark. Other than Devrakshali, Abi has also acted in Apne Elle Pyaar Kyun Kiya, Baahubali, Velayudham, and more. The multiple earnings and accolades have made Kalabhavan Abi an artist September in Bollywood.

Kalabhavan Abi’s income is also due to his association with the film industry. He has been a member of several committees and works under a producer to earn an income. Other than this, he is also associated with several companies and is paid accordingly. As a famous artiste, there is no doubt that Kalabhavan Abi has great potential to earn a lot of income and create a good net worth for himself.

As a popular Hindi actor, it is not a huge achievement for Kalabhavan Abi to be earning a decent income from his movies. But the scope for him is much wider as compared to other actors. In fact, Abi has been a part of some very successful Indian movies, which have grossed millions and created a rage in the industry.

Other than Hindi films, Abi has also acted in some movies in English and acted in Apne Elle Pyaar Kyun Kiya. These have helped him gain international recognition as an actor and earned him the Best Actor award at the Satellite Awards in India. Kalabhavan Abi has also portrayed characters in some television programs and has gained a lot of acknowledgment as well. If anyone wants to see Kalabhavan Abi in action, then one can just log on to the internet and look for the movies or the Televisition channels and catch a glimpse of this talented artiste.