Kalabhavan Rahman Net Worth 2022- Income, biography & Salary

Kalabhavan Rahman is a Kalabhavan from Borno state in Nigeria. Kalabhavan is the youngest full Blood in the Kalabhavan clan which is prominent in Borno state. He is the cousin of Ahmed and Abida brothers who are prominent in several politics in Borno and are closely related to Kalabhavan. The Kalabhavan siblings are the third generation of three born to two mothers during marriageable age in Nigeria.

Kalabhavan Rahman Net Worth

Kalabhavan Rahman Net Worth is $1 Million – $5 Million

Kalabhavan is survived by his wife Iqra and their four children. He was a singer and actor who performed at various theaters in Lagos and subsequently moved to Singapore to pursue an acting career in films. In recent times Kalabhavan has been busy in the television industry in showcasing his skills as a Kalabhavan and also in the making of a biopic film on him as well as his relationship with Iqra. The film is yet to be released but Kalabhavan’s net worth is already known to the people. Kalabhavan is not only an actress, he has acted in different movies and has also acted in various other television programs and has made some lucrative movies in the net.

Kalabhavan Rahman Full Biography

Full Name Kalabhavan Rahman
Net Worth $1 Million – $5 Million
Date of Birth 1965
Age 56 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Kalabhavan has also been associated with quite a few popular television shows in the recent past and has been doing exceptionally well in the showbiz industry. He has acted in a number of successful movies that have won him a number of awards and have led to the actor being appreciated in the showbiz industry. His movies that have been released in the showbiz world include “Beneath the Ground”, “Singapore,” “Irene”, “The Pirates of the Caribbean” and the remake of the movie “The Gumball Rally”. All these movies have Kalabhavan as an integral part and have enabled him to build up his showbiz career.

Kalabhavan is currently working on the second installment of his M-Maybe project and has already shot the first episode. In the meanwhile, he has been busy in the showbiz industry in co-production with Singapore’s OnPoint and Malaysia’s Siti Pictures where he will be featured in the film “Singapore: In the Mood for Love.” Kalabhavan has also worked on the television series “The Big Binge”, which was a very hit comedy in the English-speaking market. Apart from movies and television, Kalabhavan is also a member of the celebrity clan that has been active in the fashion industry and has launched several designer labels. There are even Kalabhavan apparel lines that are being launched.

Kalabhavan is no doubt enjoying a good showbiz earnings as a result of his varied showbiz activities. But he has always maintained a good image in the public eye as an actor who exudes sincerity and integrity, even if he goes on to act in different genres. His latest release “Singapore: In the Mood For Love” would be another feather in his cap that is sure to fetch good box office returns in the long run. This actor’s name has become synonymous with great film and TV performances in recent times. So it is quite likely that he will continue to make good films and good TV shows.

Kalabhavan is not the only actor who has a flourishing filmography that dates back decades now. Freddie Chinah, Ong Ayi, Tan Hong Kong, Kajol, Khoo Tee, Michael Chiklis, Rafflesy Chanel are some of the other well-known Chinese actors whose films have enjoyed great box office earnings in the country as well. They have gone on to do well in international films as well. The two Chinese stars, Ong and Kajol, have garnered critical acclaim for their roles in the immensely popular Kung Mangai Tees. Though they are just starting their careers in the Bollywood industry, their names will be forever etched into the annals of Indian cinema history.