Karthik Raj Net Worth 2022,Income, Age, Height, Weight & Contact Number

Karthik Raj is one of the most sought after stars from the recent Tamil film “Nanban”. The movie has earned good box office earnings in India and has become an instant hit in the international market. This is perhaps Karthik Raj’s biggest break yet. Karthik Raj has also bagged himself some best supporting roles in the movie, which have helped him gain some good reviews in the international film fraternity. Best known for his stunning body measurements and for his mesmerizing performances in the film, Karthik Raj is also known for his work as a yoga guru in order to improve the physical fitness of the latter.

Karthik Raj is a famous movie actor from the category of karthik raj, who has managed to bring a different twist in the ancient form of basalt that was prevalent in Tamil Nadu. Karthik Raj has managed to make his mark in the world of cinema with his quirky characters, superb body dimensions, and his effortless charm. He has managed to break all the norms and has carved a niche for himself in the field of Hindi movies. Karthik Raj has become one of the most successful male role models from the Tamil nadu era and has managed to become one of the most popular and well-known actors from this genre.

Karthik Raj Full Biography

Full Name Karthik Raj
Net Worth $1 Million – $5 Million
Date of Birth 21 January 1990
Age 31 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Karthik Raj has garnered enough popularity in the field of Hindi films and has emerged as a leading personality amongst the Hindi speaking people of India. In his first film “Chhokha”, which was released in 2021, Karthik Raj managed to showcase his stunning acting skills and gained himself some very good reviews in the international film fraternity. In the film, Karthik Raj did not only star as a character-studded leader but also acted in some important supporting roles as well. He was also popular among the Hindi speaking audience for his convincing portrayal of an anti-hero.

Since then, Karthik Raj has gone on to play a few more roles that have given him some good recognition and also contributed to his impressive net worth. The most notable films in which Karthik Raj has been involved include “Yeh Meri Man” (which later became a hit movie starring Ranbir Kapoor), “Chak De! India “(which later became a very good action-thriller),” Chak De! Sikri “(which was a remake of the hit movie” Chak De! India”), “Dhoom De!” (which were a comedy), and “Mankatha” (which later became a great hit movie starring Akshay Kumar).

Karthik Raj is an actor who has managed to win the confidence of millions of Indians with his excellent acting skills. However, it is his impressive 33 years old age that is responsible for this. This means that when Karthik Raj enters the stage, he is not just expected to play a young hero, he is also expected to act in a convincing manner and be immensely popular amongst the audiences.

Karthik Raj is not the only actor of repute who is at a height that is much older than the Indian average. There are many other such actors like Om Puri, Sharukh Khan, Jodha Akbar, and Mahesh Babu who are all in the same league as Karthik Raj in terms of age. These three gentlemen are all much older than Karthik Raj and if they are still as good as they used to be, they will have a fighting chance of bagging all the best roles in Hollywood. What will become of Karthik Raj in the next five years? It will be interesting to see.