Kevin Frank Net Worth 2022- Height, Weight, Salary, Biography & Age

Kevin Frank is an award winning author, playwright and producer. He has written several bestselling novels and is currently working on a new one. Kevin Frank net worth is actually hard to determine. Kevin Frank has been described by others as a workaholic with no personal interest in writing, thus making his net worth a mystery. Kevin Frank was born in Toronto, Canada where he attended high school and also studied drama at college in Grade 10.

Kevin Frank Net Worth

Kevin Frank Net Worth is $1-5 Million

Kevin Frank’s father worked in the airline industry and Kevin was frequently called Kevin Frank. Kevin Frank is said to have grown up in poverty and was often times abandoned by his father when Kevin was a child. Kevin Frank is currently married to Penny Edge who is an executive at Bell Canada. Kevin Frank’s mother, Frank Posner, is an English professor.

Kevin Frank Full Biography

Full Name Kevin Frank
Net Worth $1-5 Million
Date of Birth January 13, 1957
Age 64 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Kevin Frank is described as a shy man who only communicates through his press releases and has not had major acting assignments since he graduated from college in 1975. Kevin Frank is well known for his role on the famous TV show The Next Line and has had varied careers throughout his life. Kevin Frank has been married twice and has two children. Kevin Frank was born in Scarborough, Ontario where he grew up near Whitby. Kevin Frank was raised in Toronto and has always maintained his Canadian heritage despite his fame as a Canadian TV show host and writer.

Kevin Frank Canadian TV actor Kevin Frank is best known for his role as Kevin McCallister in the popular sitcom Webster. Kevin Frank was born in Scarborough where he was a student at William Alexander Secondary School. Kevin Frank’s first acting assignment was playing football with the Sooners. Kevin Frank earned a reputation as a hard player and was named theypiece of the school football team his senior year.

Kevin Frank Canadian actor Kevin Frank was born in February of 1957 in Scarborough, Ontario where his family was originally from Ireland. Kevin Frank’s father was a carpenter and Kevin worked for him as a handy man. Kevin Frank’s mother died of a stroke when Kevin was very young and he was raised by his grandparents. Kevin Frank’s mother earned a master’s degree at University inordsburg Ontario where she pursued a career in education.

Kevin Frank was nominated for a Best Actor award for his role as Kevin McCallister in Webster. Kevin Frank Canadian actor Kevin Frank was born in March of 1957 in Scarborough where his parents were from Ireland. Kevin Frank worked for his family as a handy man and then became an actor where he excelled as anactor. Kevin Frank is well known for his portrayal of Kevin McCallister on the TV sitcom Webster. Kevin Frank’s net worth today is approximately US $ million dollars.