Kevyn Major Howard Net Worth 2022- Height, Salary, Weight, Biography & Age

Kevyn Major Howard is one of the best known actors in the world. Kevyn Major Howard’s net worth is said to be at least five million US dollars. Kevyn Major Howard’s other famous films are the movie called American Bulldog and also the movie called High School Confidential. Kevyn Major Howard was born in segregated Mississippi in 1950 and moved to Louisiana after high school.

Kevyn Major Howard Net Worth

Kevyn Major Howard Net Worth is  $76,4 Million.

Kevyn Major Howard was born into a poor family. His father worked in a cotton gin and his mother was a poor white lady who raised Kevyn and his two brothers and one sister on her own. Kevyn Major Howard had a troubled childhood, getting kicked out of several schools as a child because he would steal from the cafeteria. Kevyn Major Howard’s other notable attribute is that he once tried to poison his dog. Kevyn Major Howard’s Net Worth is estimated at about five thousand US dollars.

Kevyn Major Howard Full Biography

Full Name Kevyn Major Howard
Net Worth  $76,4 Million.
Date of Birth October 23, 1970
Age 49 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Kevyn Major Howard was a professional basketball player for the Detroit Pistons for two years. After leaving the team, Kevyn Major Howard made several movies and then began to work as an actor. Kevyn Major Howard has played various characters in films including the janitor in the movie American Pie. His most recent film is the film The Pursuit of Happyness. Kevyn Major Howard has a net worth of only 22 jun 1995.

Kevyn Major Howard was born in Mississippi and is of mixed race. Kevyn Major Howard’s parents were not wealthy but they were quite successful in business. Kevyn Major Howard’s father was a well known dentist. Kevyn Major Howard was a very popular athlete at school and he was even a quarterback and wide receiver at the same time. He was a decent basketball player and won some championships though he was never really good at football. Kevyn Major Howard has been given a six figure salary by his agent although this is based upon very poor body measurements.

Kevyn Major Howard has also appeared in a few movies and one of these was the 1983 TV series titled Eastenders. Kevyn Major Howard is known as the villain in this series who stole from the rich people of the town he lived in. Kevyn Major Howard was not really liked by the director or the writers of the series and the show was cancelled after one episode. No one had ever asked Kevyn Major Howard to star in a comedy series and it was one of his last acting jobs prior to his acting stint in the film American Pie.

Kevyn Major Howard’s net worth today is about one quarter of what he is worth and he is still enjoying great success in his acting career. Kevyn Major Howard’s net worth is based upon his film roles and how much money he makes from them. Kevyn Major Howard is indeed making an excellent living in the acting business and he is certainly living the life that he is entitled to due to the success that he enjoys.