Kim Coates Net Worth 2022- Weight, Height, Salary, Biography & Age

Kim Coates Biography has been written to assist the readers on how much Kim Coates earns as a screenwriter, producer and director. Kim Coates earned his first two screenplays in Hollywood, which are: Grease and Happy Gilmore. For being a Canadian he has gone through three Hollywood careers that have been popular in America as well as in Canada. Kim Coates biography details the early years of his life in which he played a vital role in broadcasting, music videos and as a DJ.

Kim Coates Net Worth

Kim Coates Net Worth is $4 million.

Kim Coates biography provides the readers with interesting facts like his birth date and his family life. Kim Coates was born in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada where he grew up with four siblings all born to different fathers. Kim was raised by his grandparents and was known to be quite rebellious during his youth and was once suspended from school for bringing a gun to school. His parents later sent him to boarding school in Whitby, England, but he dropped out after a few months. He then joined the Canadian Broadcast Corporation where he honed his craft in drama writing and editing before he got into movies. He then went to Broadway where he played the part of Martinique in Disney’s Les Miserables.

Kim Coates Full Biography

Full Name Kim Coates
Net Worth $4 million.
Date of Birth February 21, 1958
Age 63 Years
Contact Number Unknown

According to Kim Coates net worth, Kim Coates was born in Scarborough on February 21, 1958. He is survived by his parents, sisters and one brother. Kim Coates was married to Lisa Lyon, who is also his mother, for a brief time before he got into acting. He has two children, twin daughters named Alexa and Claire, who are now grown. As of this writing, Kim Coates is the largest compensated actor in Canadian history and is second only to Michael Caine.

If Kim Coates Net Worth is any indication of his abilities as an actor then he can make any role in movies and theatre pay off for him. There are many examples of this. Two of his early roles were opposite Robin Williams in Mork and Mindy, and later he went on to play Christopher Walken in A Day in the Life. Of course, his two daughters also have produced some wonderful films including A Place of Execution and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. All of these shows how capable Kim Coates truly is in his craft and proves that he is not just a name on the marquee.

Kim Coates Net Worth trivia shows that Kim Coates was so busy in Hollywood when he was younger that he never really had the chance to build up his own personal net worth. It seems he will always be linked to other famous people, which always helps to build his ego, but he has always seemed to do it with pride and without complaining. His real value however comes from his ability to produce quality work and win the respect of those who like his work and those who enjoy watching him in action. And all of this has made Kim Coates one of the best actors alive today.

He has two children, six grandchildren and a great home in Canada. Kim Coates Net Worth is certainly on the short list of the best actors in Hollywood today. The real question is, can he get the same kind of movies made into the future that he has been given? We may soon find out and then there will be lots of discussion about whether Kim Coates is truly the best actor in the world or not. In the meantime, one has to wonder if he is even near his potential.