Kochu Preman Net Worth 2022- Salary Income & biography

Kochu Preman is a Kerala-based multi-actor and one of the popular Malayalam stars. He is widely known for his good looks and for his varied acting skills in both Malayalam and Kollywood films. Kochu Preman Net worth is generally estimated to be about Rs. million. His Kochu Preman TV show which is aired on the Star Network is popular among the young girls and women in Kerala.

Kochu Preman Net Worth

Kochu Preman Net Worth is $800,000



Kochu Preman is described as a Kerala-based actor who has acted in more than one hundred films. He is best known for his leading roles in Malayalam movies such as Baahubali, Moisese Wars, Chennai Express, Baahubali: The Hindu Emperor’s Marriage, Viva Karma, etc. Kochu Preman Net worth is said to have increased with the success of his television show. Kochu Preman trivia proves that Kochu Preman was born in Kochi, Kerala, and that he is an admired personality among his friends and other public personalities in the state and in the country.

 Kochu Preman Full Biography

Full Name Kochu Preman
Net Worth $800,000
Date of Birth June 1, 1955
Age 66 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Kochu Preman Net worth has been increased by the multiple successes he has achieved in the film industry. Kochu Preman’s Kochu TV show, Kochu Baahubali, has become extremely successful among the audiences and among the critics. It is a science fiction serial drama that revolves around a group of youngsters who find themselves caught in the middle of a conspiracy. This serial is extremely popular with the viewers. It has won many accolades and several awards throughout the year.

Kochu Preman’s Kochu TV show has also earned him some major acting awards, for his performances in different episodes. In the last episode of Kochu Baahubali, Kochu received an award for the Best Performance award along with a hefty salary. The salary is in excess of 40 thousand dollars per month. Kochu Preman has also attained international fame due to the success of Kochu TV show.

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