Kriti Kharbanda Net Worth,2022, Age, Height, Weight & Contact Number

Many famous people have come to Indian shores either as scholars, artists or students and some of them have become immensely popular in the country. Among such people is Kriti Kharbanda who has become an overnight sensation in the Bollywood industry. She is yet another actress who hails from Karnat, whose net worth is not very high by any standards. But despite this, she has managed to make a name for herself as one of the best actresses of all times. So, what is Kriti Kharbanda net worth?

The question in our minds will always be, how much has Kriti earned after her box office hit? Well, it is difficult to say because no one was able to tell when she would make it big. However, there are a few indicators that we can point out to help us gauge her earnings and make the right deductions for tax purposes. So, let us find out what these are.

Kriti Kharbanda Full biography

Full Name Kriti Kharbanda
Net Worth $4 million
Date of Birth October 29, 1990
Age 30 Years
Contact Number Unknown


Although it is not easy to earn millions of Rupees, but if Kriti has managed to earn a few hundred thousand Rupees through her movies, then she has certainly earned her share of box office earnings. She has made a name for herself in Bollywood and that is a fact. Her two films, Kismet Konnection and Aayush Kumar: Humko Ke Neeche has been critically acclaimed and is sure to earn her a decent percentage of earnings.

If you are to take an even closer look at her earnings, you will find that she is a member of the elite Club of Cufflinks. This is a membership group that has about 600 members and includes several well-known personalities from the film and television industry. The only lady who is yet to be a member of this elite group is Sushmita Sen. No other woman from Hindi cinema has attained this status. In fact, Sushmita Sen is the only lady from Hindi cinema to have a leading role in a film that was ever produced by Star studios. That is a testament to her popularity in the industry.

There are many ways to earn millions of Rupees through movie production. However, earning millions through movie box office revenues remains the most lucrative of all. Although you may wonder how a film can earn millions at the box office when it costs around a hundred dollars to produce, but if the right formula is followed then earning millions will become a walk in the park. The trick to earning millions through movie box office revenues is to make the audience anticipate more after the opening screen. This will attract more viewers to watch the following shows.

You must know that the role that Sushmita Sen has played in popularizing the Kharbanda project among Hindi Cinema audiences is truly praiseworthy. Sushmita Sen’s acting skills have won her many praises from various quarters and this has helped the actress to gain the respect and admirer of film directors. So, if you want to earn Rupees millions from a Hindi film, then start making movies today. Actors like Sushmita Sen are easily available and one can even cast her as the villainous role in order to earn the ultimate victory.