Kurtis Conner Net Worth,2022,Income, Age, Height, Weight & Contact Number

Kurtis Conner is a young starlet from the brand new YouTube sensation video called Kurtis Vs. It’s been generating millions of views in no time and garnering a legion of followers, not to mention the many people that are considering becoming YouTube stars. The young starlet makes her income through YouTube, she states on her website that she makes at least five figures each month from her YouTube videos. Not bad for a sixteen-year-old!

But what else is there to know about Kurtis Conner? Well, there is this: Her real name is Victoria Costera, an Italian-American actress who was born in Arkansas. She is the younger sister of well-known singer, Lady GaGa. Kurtis spent four years studying acting at college in Los Angeles, but dropped out after one semester. She was later discovered by youtuber Matt Damon, who was doing a video on his channel, “Dear Mother”, and cast her in a few episodes.

Kurtis Conner Full Biography

Full Name Kurtis Conner
Net Worth $1.3 million
Date of Birth May 4, 1994
Age 27 Years
Contact Number Unknown


How much does Kurtis earn in a year? On her first day of work as a YouTuber, she earned more than three million US dollars. That’s right, the young woman earned over one million US dollars in one day. This makes her the second highest earning YouTuber behind Justin Bieber.

Now, we can learn a bit more about Kurtis Conner herself. She is a twenty year youtuber who was popularized by YouTube. What kind of marketing has she done to build her impressive net worth? She has appeared in a few music videos and has also created several other ones. Most of her work is aimed at children, especially teenagers. Her fans are very loyal and will support any youtubers who reach that elusive million subscriber mark.

So, how much money does she make from doing so? She is not disclosing the exact figures, but she has earned more than two million US dollars. This shows that she is not someone who has built their popularity solely on YouTube alone. It is possible that her popularity has been helped by a partnership with Microsoft.

Judging by the information we have been given, it is safe to assume that Kurtis Conner is a real person and not some giant avatar created by YouTube. Judging from her net worth, it is safe to assume that she is not an instant millionaire, but a fairly average one. The real net worth lies somewhere between two or three million US dollars.