Lance Gibson Net Worth 2022- Height, Weight, Salary, Biography & Age

Lance Gibson is one of the leading characters in the popular Canadian television series, Vinyl. Lance Gibson is the character played by Philip Banks. Lance Gibson’s net worth is estimated at about one million dollars at the age of 49.

Lance Gibson Net Worth

Lance Gibson Net Worth is $1 Million

Philip Banks the actor who plays the character of Lance Gibson is a tall handsome man with blue eyes. In the series, Lance Gibson has to wear the bright pink tracksuits that the other people in the show wear. The interesting thing is that Lance Gibson’s family is rich and his father owns a very successful shoe store. So in this way we can understand how Philip Banks came to have the eye color of blue eyes and the blonde hair. Lance Gibson’s net worth is all thanks to his association with the family of Banks who has helped make him who he is today.

 Lance Gibson Full Biography

Full Name  Lance Gibson
Net Worth $1 Million
Date of Birth November 20, 1970
Age 50 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Lance Gibson’s net worth is made possible by the fact that he has created some music videos during his career. These videos have become some of his most famous songs including ones like I Need A Loan and Take Me Out. As well as these video he has also made a number of films and produced scores of records all the while helping to establish himself as a mixed artist. As a mixed artist it is significant to have an established home ground in a medium of which most of the world is familiar. It is interesting to note that in the case of Lance Gibson the world is now aware that he is a mixed artist having interests in acting, music as well as films.

If you are looking for information on Lance Gibson’s net worth then it is possible to find some interesting data on this on the Internet. This data comes from the Lance Gibson bio page on the English Wikipedia website. The biography on this page provides information on the musician’s professional life, education and musical influences. It also gives information regarding some of his charitable activities and awards.

While the Wikipedia page is very informative there is no reliable source that provides information relating to Lance Gibson net worth from the singer’s own point of view. In order to get a more realistic assessment of what a Lance Gibson net worth from his own point of view we would need to look at biographies about the other members of his family. As these biographies are all published the information is somewhat reliable. However the family has chosen to remain silent on certain facts pertaining to Lance’s personal life.

A biography by his wife Julia Budd that was printed in the trade publication Inside Sports Music in February 2021 lists the value of the couple’s homes in addition to assets. According to this biography the couple’s net worth is $5 million. This is based on the value of the family home in Sarasota Florida and the couple’s other real estate holdings. The debt owed to the business by the couple is said to be worth half a million dollars. This is based on the worth of their car collection. There is much that is still unknown about Lance Gibson’s net worth but it seems safe to say that it is more than six figure in most cases.