Len Cariou Net Worth 2022- Height, Weight, Salary, Age & Biography

Len Cariou is an award winning Canadian actor with a net worth of approximately $6 million. This is one of the highest paid actors on the planet and it is quite likely that his paycheck will continue to rise. In the last ten years, Len Cariou has established himself as a versatile character actor in TV series such as the Shield, 24, Betrayal, The Firm, Ordinary Joe, Fringe, Justified, Housefull and Mom. So how much does Len Cariou make per year?

Len Cariou Net Worth

Len Cariou Net Worth is $4 million..

Len Cariou’s official bio states that he is Canadian. According to this article, Len Cariou’s real name is Len Cariou. This is interesting, since his real name could be either Leopold Ornelier or Len Cariou. It is quite possible that Len Cariou changed his name to protect his own identity. It may also be true that his real name is actually Just Len Cariou and not Len Cariou Canadian.

Len Cariou Full Biography

Full Name Len Cariou
Net Worth $4 million.
Date of Birth September 30, 1939
Age 82 Years
Contact Number Unknown

From this information, it is quite clear that Len Cariou makes a very large amount of money. Considering that he is in the acting business, this is quite normal. But does his net worth allow him to live a luxurious life? Well, according to Celebrity Net Worth, Len Cariou does indeed earn quite a lot of money.

The question that many people would ask is how much does Len Cariou make in a year? Fortunately for us, Len Cariou’s official website has a handy breakdown of his income and expenses. We are able to see his expenses, winnings, taxes and other relevant financial data. It is quite amazing that he manages to live such a lifestyle with only a few thousand dollars in his bank account. It is said that he always saves a portion of his earnings each month to help his family as well.

Len Cariou’s net worth is further highlighted from his many features in movie. First, we find him in the film called “Cable Guy”. Then we find him again in the movie called “A Time In The Life Of A Man”. Finally, the character of Alex Cross is based on Len Cariou. This is how his fame spread so quickly.

There is one more interesting aspect on Len Cariou. His full name is Len Cariou/ Len Joseph Phoenix Cariou. This is because his family was originally from Canada, Mexico. And in the first mention of his full name, the name leonard joseph cariou, does indeed appear in the novel “The Dying Game” by Len Cariou.