Lex Gigeroff Net Worth 2022- Height, Weight, Salary, Biography & Age

Lex Gigeroff is a character actor from the world of television. He is most noted for his work on the series Star Trek: The Next Generation as Worf, and for his appearance in several episodes of the TV show Leverage. In addition to those two roles, he has also appeared in films such as The Perfect Storm, Mudd’s Domain, and Dark Angel. As of June 2021, Lex Gigeroff is no longer with the cast of the popular television series Quantum Break on CBS.

Lex Gigeroff Net Worth

Lex Gigeroff Net Worth is $200,8 Million.

Lex Gigeroff net worth is unknown at this time. Most sources indicate that he is a resident of Canada, however no financial information is available relating to his real estate or other assets. His wife, Jaryn Gigeroff, confirmed that their marriage is rocky, and they have not been able to save money as they would like. They have been living in San Francisco for about a year, and their son is currently in college in New Mexico.

Lex Gigeroff Full Biography

Full Name Lex Gigeroff
Net Worth $200,8 Million.
Date of Birth 1962–2011
Age 49 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Lex Gigeroff’s biographical book, Lex Gigeroff: Bio and Career by Dan Gigeroff, covers his life up to this point, but does not include biographical details beyond this point. Lex Gigeroff’s Wikipedia page notes that he is a father of three children, and that he was raised in Canada. He also seems to be a member of the Jewish Orthodox Church. This is consistent with the writings of his wife, who is a practicing Hasidic Jewish rabbi.

Gigeroff is best known for his role as “Max,” a foul-mouthed con artist whose arrogant and irritating character was one of the show’s founding characters. Max Gigeroff’s real name is Alexander Kergeroff, and he is the eldest child of Joseph Gigeroff and Florence Kergeroff. The younger brother of Joseph Gigeroff, Alex, was the main focus of an episode of the television show Growing up Gigeroff. The name of Alex Kergeroff was also used for the character of Cosmo in the same television series. It is widely believed that Cosmo was born to a woman named Sarah Gigeroff. Though there is no actual information on the family history, several theories have been created as to where exactly the name came from.

According to Lex Gigeroff’s bio on his blog, he was born in Southern California, and that he was the middle child of three children. He attended San Diego State University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in political science. He has worked as a receptionist for the San Diego Zoo and the U.S. Army, as well as working as a telemarketer. Gigeroff worked for the San Diego Zoo as an animal communications specialist, and in the telemarketing field, which included using various direct marketing techniques to generate business.

Though Gigeroff is not considered one of the top actors of our time, he is certainly one of the most popular. Gigeroff trivia will show that not only does he have a strong acting career, but his work in the entertainment industry as well as his own net worth is impressive. All of this makes his bio on Lex Gigeroff’s blog a valuable read for anyone interested in the entertainment business.