Louis Chirillo Net Worth 2022- Height, Weight, Salary, Age & Biography

Louis Chirillo is a popular actor in the National Television arena. Louis Chirillo first gained international recognition with his breakout role as the tough, guns blazing, anti-hero, Vito Corleone in the hit movie, The Sopranos. After that film ended, Louis Chirillo went on to star in many other successful and popular movies such as Man on the Moon, Vegas, Bodyguard, Gidget, Edward Scissorhands, and Who Done It? Louis Chirillo is also known for his numerous monologues he delivered in comedy series such as Seinfeld and Friends. Louis Chirillo is also known for his controversial roles such as The Godfather, Goodfellas, The Basketball Kid, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Louis Chirillo is truly a true American success story.

Louis Chirillo Net Worth

Louis Chirillo Net Worth is $53 Million

Louis Chirillo’s net worth is certainly hard to pin down, however, when you do the proper research it is quite clear that Louis Chirillo is indeed a very successful and popular American actor. Louis Chirillo net worth is most definitely an important figure in the entertainment industry today. One only has to look at some of the late night talk show hosts who mention Louis Chirillo as an actor or singer who has the most popular music of the moment, and you can hear the collective gasp. Louis Chirillo’s name is mentioned almost as often as his paycheck. Louis Chirillo’s net worth, when compared to other popular entertainers, is quite remarkable and totally unexpected.

Louis Chirillo Full Biography

Full Name Louis Chirillo
Net Worth $53 Million
Date of Birth March 20, 1961
Age 60 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Louis Chirillo is indeed a successful and rich artist. Louis Chirillo’s family, which consists of his two children, and his wife, have always been integral members in his life, whether he was very active as an artist, or not. Louis Chirillo was actually married four times before he was even father to his first child. His first born was diagnosed with a condition which would cause the death of the child if not treatable, and in this case his wife gave birth to another child, which Louis named Alex, before his wife passed away.

It is truly incredible that a family of young children could be so involved in a man’s life, but that is exactly how Louis Chirillo’s parents chose to live their life. His parents, Irvin and Geneva Chirillo were both musicians, and played musical instruments together, as well as having many other roles in the movie industry. Louis Chirillo’s parents name, Irvin, came from his grandmother’s maiden name, Irvin Roosevelt. The family was very poor, and became famous due to the fact that Irvin and Geneva were arrested for trying to save money by falsely claiming they had been able to save it, by hiding a suitcase filled with money in a freight train.

It is interesting to learn the depth of Louis Chirillo’s poverty, because this was a part of why he was so incredibly creative, and helped him to create many of the songs that are popular today. Some of his most notable songs were written about his bouts with food poisoning, and how he would force himself to eat only vegetables until he lost weight. Wikipedia, a great website, has a great Louis Chirillo biography, and it states that he was also in the army, and served during both the World War Two, as well as the Korean War. He served in the Peace Corp., and worked to help bring development to underdeveloped countries. His net worth is approximately three hundred thousand dollars, and he resides in Miami Beach Florida.

His most well-known work is the song, “agles” from the album, Don’t Worry, Be Happy. Another one of his more popular songs is called, “Mystery Train,” and he was responsible for that creation. Louis Chirillo net worth is also due to his acting abilities, as well as his musical talents. He has also had a role in the movie, My Fair Lady. Louis Chirillo trivia will show that he never missed a beat when it came to singing, acting, and creating music, and he is very proud of his achievements.