Louis-Philippe Dury Net Worth 2022- Height, Weight, Salary, Biography & Age

Louis-Philippe Dury Net Worth is an actor who portrays the role of Nicholas de Marais in the popular television series as well as the book and play of the same name. He has also portrayed other characters in the series such as Prospero in Disney’s animated film adaptation of the same name and Donne in Coraline. Louis-Philippe Dury biography details his early years growing up in Canada before moving to Hollywood and playing different characters in different popular television programs such as The Crow and Smallville.

Louis-Philippe Dury Net Worth

Louis-Philippe Dury Net Worth is $1 Million – $5 Million

Louis-Philippe Dury Net Worth is currently earning quite a good salary for the role he is playing in the television series of the same name. As of late, he has been playing the character in the television program of the same name which was a part of the original production from Lions Gate Entertainment. The show was a spin off of the successful movie of the same name starring Morgan Freeman as Van Gogh. Louis-Philippe Dury has also been making a name for himself in the world of social media marketing as he has created his own social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter as well as Instagram. He is currently part of a group of actors and actresses who are part of the legion of social media celebrities who have created their own official websites.

Louis-Philippe Dury Full Biography

Full Name Louis-Philippe Dury
Net Worth $1 Million – $5 Million
Date of Birth June 23, 1992
Age 29 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Louis-Philippe Dury how much he earns is based from the reports that were released by the sources he is involved with. His social media accounts reveal that he makes anywhere between twenty five thousand and thirty eight thousand dollars a month. Louis-Philippe Dury who is known to the public as Louis-Philippe Dury, is now attempting to reinvent himself in the world of online marketing. This effort is one of many attempts that he is making as he looks to create an online income source through creating his own website and content management system.

Louis-Philippe Dury who is currently a resident of Port Louis, Madagascar is currently married to Yves Saint Laurent, who happens to be his cousin. The two married when Yves was fifteen years old and Louis-Philippe was eighteen years old at the time. Louis-Philippe Dury says that his married life is a lot easier compared to his life as an outcast actor before. He and Yves are very close and maintain a very strong relationship as it is in their family. They have three children together named Laboure Dery, Vaude Dery and Luc Le Clerc.

Louis-Philippe Dury is currently trying to reinvent himself by creating his own brand of shoes, apparels, clothing and sunglasses. This is a project that he started as long ago as 2021, which means that he has been working hard at it since then. According to Louis-Philippe Dury’s bio on My Net Worth, he has been working in the fashion and accessory industry for the past fourteen years in various capacities. He worked as a model and assistant for several fashion designers and brands including Diesel, D&G, Levi, Potomac, Aquascutum, L’Artigue, Versace and Fath to name a few. He is currently involved in his own line of apparels and footwear that has a casual and trendy appeal. Louis-Philippe Dury’s estimated net worth today is approximately six hundred thousand dollars.

If you are planning to follow Louis-Philippe Dury’s footsteps and create your own business, you may want to do it with a shoe company of your own. Louis-Philippe Dury is not the only one who has had great success with their own brands of shoes and apparels. There are many other well known entrepreneurs who have come up with great ideas but did not have the right resources or support to make it a success. In your case, you will have all the resources you need to create your own Louis-Philippe Dury business that can generate an income source. And as an added bonus, you can brand yourself as the ” Louis-Philippe Dury of the net” and people will instantly recognize you!