Lucas Alario Net Worth 2021- Earnings, Income & Salary

Lucas Alario Moreno Net worth is an interesting question to ask after the news of his transfer from Shakhtar Donetsk to Inter Milan. It’s not easy to judge a player’s worth, after he has left a club. He is still in Austria, attempting to prove himself to coach Roberto Mancini. If Inter get lucky, they will get their money back and loaned him out to some club in Spain or even Germany. The only way we can determine his value in the coming months, is to look at his contract with Shakhtar and how much does it actually cost them?

Lucas Alario Moreno Net worth is Is $1 Million – $5 Million

This brings us to the subject of transfers and it’s fair to say that there hasn’t been much this season concerning transfers. Most big transfers have been announced, but very few actually transpired. Transferring a football player can be tricky business, and there are plenty of issues to be taken into account when making a decision. There is no doubt that Shakhtar will need to recoup their money, but how much is that exactly?

Well for starters, Inter Milan has made no bones about wanting to buy a proven footballing star. This means any player who has a contract with Shakhtar, and who has a clean sheet in each of their last five matches, is obviously on their radar. So the Inter Milan manager is probably looking for a footballing transplant – someone who is young, dynamic and can make goals. Lucas Alario certainly ticks all of those boxes. How much more do you want? ?

The problem with Inter Milan signing Lucas Alario, is that he is simply too much of a good thing. In fact I think we all want a good football player, and a good football player does not come cheap. We all want a goalscorer who can fire a shot from anywhere at any time and anywhere around the ground. That is what makes them unique, apart from perhaps Beckham. Lucas Alario does not have that quality.

What does this mean for Shakhtar? Well they are already struggling to find a striker capable of standing up and knocking on the goal for 90 minutes so I guess it is time to sell. The club may still be solvent though and have a policy of only signing proven footballers, which would include Lucas Alario. If they cannot get any top class players to replace him, then it may be time to move on.

Do not worry, you are not totally alone. Many other Premier League clubs feel that way too. However, with so much talent in the market, surely the price is right? It would be unfair to expect a world-class football player to be moved mid-season for a little bit of money. He or she will still be top of their class, and they will still perform. Just buy a world class player, ensure they have a tidy start to the season, and then sit back and watch the profits roll in.