Lyriq Bent Net Worth 2022- Income, Salary & Biography

Lyriq Bent Net worth is one of the first questions that may arise when you learn of Lyriq Bent’s (Kenny isn’t he?) Net worth. But before we answer this question let us first examine exactly what Lyriq Bent means. We are all familiar with the story of the African boy who escaped from slavery, escaping across the ocean with his master and wife.

Lyriq Bent Net Worth

Lyriq Bent Net Worth is $35 Million

In the early morning hours they were crossing the waters of the Thames in a small rubber dinghy. They were attacked by a group of pirates and Lyriq narrowly escaped being drown with his wife. But while they were crossing the river, they were attacked by another group of pirates. Lyriq managed to get himself to safety but was captured as a slave. As a slave he was used to cleaning ships engines but was turned into a mechanic. But in 1820 his master decided that he and his wife should have their own business and he hired Lyriq to help him.

Lyriq Bent Full Biography

Full Name Lyriq Bent
Net Worth $35 Million
Date of Birth January 3, 1979
Age 42 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Though Lyriq did his job efficiently, he soon began to attract a lot of female attention. First, there was Mildred Loving. Then there was Pamela Anderson. Lyriq and his master treated Pamela like a queen, even buying her a horse (but she hardly ever ridden it! ), and even took her to dinner at one of her favorite restaurants. Lyriq became very close to Pamela and they spent much of their time together.

But Lyriq Bent soon found out that hisNet worth only covered the expenses of the day and night. So he began asking around to different people in Hollywood to help him make some extra cash. He wrote a letter to Howard Hughes requesting a small part time contract to do some film shoots. And although he didn’t get the requested part time, he did get paid enough to cover his expenses and gave his employer some time to consider his request. But unfortunately, this offer was only for the summer season and after that, his Net salary would be lower.

Lyriq decided that if he wasn’t going to get another movie role then he might as well quit his job. And since his Net worth was not that high, he had no choice. In order to support himself, he bought a motorcycle. He went on a two-week vacation and returned to Hollywood with his motorcycle. This was the start of many movie roles where he was practically paid well just for a ride.

Lyriq’s Net worth swelled during the late part of his career. As his popularity in movies increased, he was nominated for an Academy Award for his work in The Deerhunter. Although he didn’t win, he definitely made quite an impression with the award ceremonies. Lyriq was nominated for another movie where he played a former marine who returns to duty in the navy. After that he appeared in such films as Basic Code, Scarface, Grease, Dune, Man on the Moon, Vanilla Sky, and A Few Good Men.