Manikandan Pattambi Net Worth 2022- Salary, Income & biography

Manikandan Pattambi is an award winning actor in Malayalam, India. Manikandan Pattambi Net worth is his salary, which has made him one of the best-paid actors in India. Recently Manikandan Pattambi has been nominated for an Oscar. But Manikandan Pattambi Net worth is not everything. Manikandan Pattambi salary includes his car allowance, house allowance and travel expenses, which make up about 50% of his net worth.

Manikandan Pattambi Net Worth

Manikandan Pattambi Net Worth is $1.5 Million


The name Manikandan is a common spelling of the actor’s given name. Manikandan Pattambi Net worth is calculated by adding his two known films ‘Kathakali’ and ‘Mankatha’ to his current salary. In fact Manikandan Pattambi’s name was given by his directors which helped him secure his role in the film. On receiving good notices Manikandan Pattambi immediately decided to take a career path leading to a more stable acting career.

Manikandan Pattambi Full Biography

Full Name Manikandan Pattambi
Net Worth $1.5 Million
Date of Birth January 15, 1969
Age 52 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Today Manikandan Pattambi’s paycheck is made even more interesting with his two popular films ‘Mankatha’ and ‘Kathakali’ selling like hot cakes at the box office. Manikandan Pattambi’s other two films ‘Eknad’ and ‘Nanban’ have also seen some good box office returns making the actress one of the better-paid actresses in the Telugu industry today. With such good returns it would not be wrong to presume that Manikandan Pattambi Net worth has shot up. Recent accolade for Manikandan Pattambi’s film career is Manikandan Pattambi: The actor’s first ever award for best actor in a Telugu film.

Manikandan Pattambi’s other major accolade for his acting prowess was winning a Filmfare Award for his performance in Manikandan. Manikandan Pattambi’s other accolade for his acting prowess was receiving honors at the National Awards for his performance in Manikandan. This helped Manikandan Pattambi in establishing himself as one of the better-known Telugu actors. With time Manikandan Pattambi Net Worth has shot up, making him a sure way to be comfortably seated on the top of the entertainment pyramid. After all with such good returns and with the support from critically acclaimed films Manikandan Pattambi surely is set to be a good actor for many movie roles in the coming years.

The next possible acting role for Manikandan Pattambi after Manikandan Pattambi is a much bigger and famous actor. Currently Manikandan is co-writing and starring in a high budget Hindi movie called ‘Trolls’ starring Aishwarya Rai and Ravi Teja. The budget for this film is somewhere around 30 Crore and Aishwarya Rai and Ravi Teja are performing together in what is being termed as a ‘comedy duo’ for the film. Now Manikandan Pattambi is left with his two Manikandan Pattambi movies and looking at Manikandan Pattambi Net Worth estimations show that he will not only be earning good money from these two movies but will also be enjoying his life to the fullest by lending his acting skills to various more movies in the future.

Right now Manikandan Pattambi is not just a great Telugu actor but also one of the best known and best-paid actors in India. With such good fortune and a good support from within the industry Manikandan Pattambi is in a position to enjoying every moment of it. With good Manikandan Pattambi Net Worth estimations, it is clear that Manikandan Pattambi is definitely going places. He has a distinct ability to play different characters and in spite of his limited acting skills Manikandan Pattambi is able to draw appreciable audiences for his performances.