Manjot Singh Net Worth 2021- Income, Salary & Earnings

When Bollywood actor Manjot Singh was a young boy, he made himself famous by portraying the lead role in a popular Hindi film “Mankatha” and thus began a long and illustrious career which saw him become an acclaimed leading actor in Bollywood. As an actor, he did opulent tours all over the world and was nominated for the same in the Satellite Awards, which is considered to be one of the most prestigious awards in the world today. Most importantly, Manjot Singh has established himself as one of the most respected and renowned actors in Bollywood. He has also won several Film Farewell Awards, which is the greatest honor and glory in the industry. With all this, it is not surprising that Bollywood pays tribute to him by naming a day in the year as “Manjot Day” when they pay tribute to the actor.

Manjot Singh Net Worth is $180 million

Manjot Singh’s immense popularity is a testimony to his acting abilities, which are admired by his peers in the Bollywood industry. He is known for his elegant and charming performances which make him one of the most sought after actors in Bollywood. His distinct portrayal of the character of Sharadindu in the movie “Shodh” was instrumental in his success in Bollywood. Apart from this, Manjot has also portrayed other equally famous characters such as Saleem and Karishchi in the hit comedy film, “Chak De! India”. Though, his contributions towards the world of cinema are innumerable, however, his contribution to the box office business of Bollywood is unparalleled in the industry.

As an actor, Manjot Singh has displayed his impeccable ability to play different characters with distinction. His varied roles in films have won him the appreciation of his peers and helped him bag lucrative contracts in Hollywood. In fact, his name is now a household word in Hollywood where many top-notch Bollywood movies are being directed by some of the best directors in the industry today. The films of Manjot Singh include “Kurban”, “Dhoom Reloaded”, “Chak De! India” and “Iruvar”.

However, it is his role as the villain in “Chak De! India” which made him a star in Bollywood. As a character who pits himself against the corrupt politicians of India, Manjot Singh brilliantly plays the role of a bold anti-hero in the movie. After the success of his first film “Chak De! India”, Manjot Singh moved into big screen movies such as “Singh sa Chool”, “Chak De! India” and “Iruvar”.

Undoubtedly, Manjot has achieved a lot in his film career, which is evident from his multiple awards for his performances. However, the success of his career can be justified only when we consider the box office value of the various films that he has starred in. It must be noted that Manjot has always been the first choice for the leading roles in all the movies that he has appeared in, apart from some lesser known roles in the last few films. His popularity is due to his unique character that is completely different from other actors of the Bollywood genre. His acting skills have always earned him critical acclaim and accolades from the film fraternity.

Undoubtedly, the success of Manjot Singh is a source of great happiness for the people of India. The success of the actor is an indication of the increasing demand of quality movies in the country that are aimed at appealing to the largest percentage of the Indian people. It is due to this reason that many Bollywood directors are now preparing new movies that will meet the expectations of the audience. With this latest development in the Bollywood industry, there is no doubt that Manjot Singh is truly one actor who is worth starring in a Bollywood movie.