Manju Warrier Net Worth,2022, Age, Height, Weight & Contact Number

Manju Warrier is a well known character in Malaysia. She is a local beauty who has been making a name for herself in the world of film and showbiz. Her name sounds so exotic that one would wonder about her origins, if she really still breathes on land. Well, we know she is Indian, as that is how she got introduced to our lovely land of Malay. From there, she played a lead role in Hindi films, before landing major roles in Hollywood.

A Malaysian official said that Manju Warrier is 1.6 metres tall and weighs 60 kilograms. The average height of an Asian woman is around sixty-five to seventy inches, which is way below what Manju stands at. In fact, she stands just a bit over one hundred and twenty pounds. So, what is her estimated net worth now? Manju Warrier was recently conferred with a degree, at Tanzanian University, which makes her eligible to receive a professional doctorate in public health, from any national or international academic institution.

Manju Warrier Full biography

Full Name Manju Warrier
Net Worth
10 – 15 Million
Date of Birth September 10, 1978
Age 42Years
Contact Number Unknown


Experts estimate that Manju owes at least five hundred thousand dollars to her father, who is an unemployed laborer. This was how she amassed her estimated net worth over the past forty years. She lives in a modest flat in Kuala Lumpur, with her parents and younger brother. According to some sources, her earnings as an actress in the late sixties are not too much, which explains why her current bank balance is not too much, despite her many roles.

How much does Manju Warrier make in a year? Some people say she is earning up to a six or seven-figure income, but experts say this is conservative, considering her age and her limited exposure to the entertainment business. In the year 2021, when she turns forty, she may earn more than one million dollars. It is interesting to note that Manju Warrier is not the only artiste making millions of dollars per year in her genre. actresses like convolvulus Kua and Bekah Sarees have also made millions of dollars playing musical chairs in the movies.

Some experts say that Manju Warrier is not as lucky as other actresses because her name is hardly known outside her home turf of Malaysia. Moreover, her film career has lagged behind the others because the producers did not think her acting skills were up to par. This is why they never thought she would become a household name in the arts. However, things are changing fast in her career. Recent movies like Baby Phat and Ip Man have made her a star on the silver screen and she is now being viewed by millions of people across the globe.

As the internet continues to grow, so do Manju’s fans’ knowledge of her. This has resulted in her receiving lucrative offers from various companies in the foreign countries where she has posted her films. Experts say that Manju Warrier is lucky to be working with the ban as she will be able to expand her earning potentials once she reaches her 40s. Her increasing fame will also allow her to pursue other avenues of income like acting. It is said that she has been offered roles in movies and other media besides making appearances in television shows at the moment.