Manoj Guinness Net Worth 2022, Age, Height, Income & Weight

The Manoj Guinness Net worth is the comedian’s estimated net worth from all sources. Manoj is a famous face of Kerala’s rural background. He is the founder of a popular channel on television called Kaal Bhairat. It is a comedy talk show that is similar to India’s talk shows like Banarasi. A popular feature of the show is Manoj Guinness, who plays the role of the guggle. Manoj Guinness has played the guggle for the last eight series.

Manoj Guinness Net Worth

Manoj Guinness Net Worth is  $100K-$1M (Approx.)

Manoj Guinness Net worth is estimated by some to be over six million dollars. Manoj is famous for his roles in films and television. He has achieved success in all forms of entertainment. He has won the best comedian award at the Cannes Film Festival in 2021. His other accolades have included the best actor award at the Golden Globe Awards, the best supporting actress award at the academy Awards, and the top honor at the Slam Dunk Awards.

Manoj Guinness Full Biography

Full Name Manoj Guinness
Net Worth  $100K-$1M (Approx.)
Date of Birth  (04 November 1952)
Age 68 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Manoj Guinness Net worth is difficult to measure because no one has yet figured out how much money he makes in a single night at the cinema. Many people do, however, believe that Manoj Guinness receives a larger paycheck when he performs at a Cinema theatre compared to when he does any stand up comedy shows in civil town. Manoj Guinness enjoys traveling to different cinemas and has appeared at a number of them. Some estimate his gross revenues at over six hundred thousand dollars every year.

Manoj Guinness has four movies currently on DVD. They are Khaleja, Manoj Badhana, and Manoj Gucci. All the movies have received positive reviews from critics. Manoj Guinness has also produced a number of charity films, most notably the Manoj and Vikram’s Earth. The Earth film was filmed in India, and the United Kingdom. There is an estimated net worth of over three million dollars due to the profit gained from the movie.

Manoj Guinness has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show as well as being interviewed on the BBC World Service. In the Oprah interview, Manoj Guinness discussed how much money he makes from performing stand up comedy. According to him he once did thirty shows in thirty days, which earned him about one thousand pounds. The same can be said for his appearance on the BBC show.

A look at the Guiness Net Worth website indicates that Manoj Guinness is not only a popular entertainer but has also managed to increase his wealth as well. This makes sense, since he has produced many successful stand up comedies and has the physique to keep doing so. This is not to say that Manoj Guinness does not have any artistic talent. Many of the other entertainers that are profiled on this site also have talent, although they are not as famous.