Marc Bendavid Net Worth 2022- Income, Salary & Biography

Marc Bendavid, age 23, is a Canadian actor who plays the role of Jim Harper in the popular TV show “Heroes”. Marc Bendavid’s real name is Michael Buttaf. His most recognized role is that of Jim Harper, a Canadian Prime Ministerial candidate who must deal with an ugly war between Canada and Afghanistan. Marc Bendavid’s net worth, birth date, height, weight and wiki are here presented for your information.

Marc Bendavid Net Worth

Marc Bendavid Net Worth is $20 Million

Marc Bendavid, age 23, is a Canadian stage actor who has gained international recognition in his acting career. In fact, he was nominated for an Academy Award for his supporting role in the film “A Few Good Men” and he was later nominated for an additional Oscar for his performance as Daniel Plainfield in the movie “A Beautiful Mind”. The versatile Marc Bendavid also played the lead role in the award winning film “The Pursuit of Happyness” as well as “Love Actually” and “The Perfect Storm”. Now, in this article, we will find out how old is Marc Bendavid, the professional actor?

Marc Bendavid Full Biography

Full Name Marc Bendavid
Net Worth $20 Million
Date of Birth June 10, 1982
Age 39 Years
Contact Number Unknown

In 1986, Marc Bendavid received an Ovation for his work in Toronto as a teenager. Later, he went on to accept an invitation to act in Toronto in the play “Memories of Paradise” and subsequently accepted another Ovation for his performance in the film “Catch Me If You Can”. It was in this same year that he also became known for his role as David Strathairn in the film “Waterworld”. This marked a major improvement in his career.

Marc Bendavid’s net worth is believed to have increased due to the success of his stage performances in recent years. His notable theatre roles include “God Save the Wolf”, “The Reader” and “Man of Steel”. In fact, his latest performance as John McClane in the hit movie “Men” earned him his third Best Actor award for his work in this film. Apart from acting, Marc Bendavid is an accomplished painter and singer/songwriter. He has composed several hit songs which have charted in the UK and US.

With an estimated net worth of over 1 million dollars, it is no surprise that Marc Bendavid is a resident of Hollywood. He resides in the upscale Belmont Hills, California. His most famous role is that of Dan O’Brien in the acclaimed film “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. However, contrary to what critics claim, Bendavid does not consider himself to be theemark original movie star.

When considering his net worth, Bendavid is not just a star, but a very talented actor who has worked in almost all the popular genre films. His list of films that he is best known for spans over three decades and includes such films as “Love Actually”, “Amadeus”, “A Few Good Men”, and “End of Watch”. Marc Bendavid is one thirty-five years old, and with all these factors considered, it is no wonder that many people consider him to be a multi-faceted actor who has managed to work in all genres of films.