Mark Forward Net Worth 2022- Height, Weight, Salary, Biography & Age

According to various Online sources, Mark Forward net worth is about $1-5 million at the age of just 45 years of age. He also earned this money being an experienced Comedian. He is originally from Canada. Mark Forward is known by his stage name of Mark sober and has been in a number of different films and TV shows that have made him famous.

Mark Forward is best known by his Canadian comedy roles which he has been in such as “Rehab”, “The Nutty Professor”, “Yuk! You’re Fired” and “Cable Guy”. This is where his Canadian accent comes in quite nicely. Mark is not only a well know Comedian in the make-up industry, but has also written several best selling books as well as several articles in popular magazines.

Mark Forward Net Worth

Mark Forward Net Worth is $1-5 Million

Mark Forward is a very humble man and he is very protective of his primary income source being stand up comedy. He was only ten years old when his father brought him into the world of stand up comedy in Toronto, Canada. Mark grew up attending the second grade of his mother’s father who was a stand up comic. Mark spent many summer nights listening to his mother’s father while his father was doing his set. Mark grew especially fond of his grandmother who was a stand up comedian.

Mark Forward Full Biography

Full Name  Mark Forward
Net Worth $1-5 Million
Date of Birth June 17, 1974
Age 47 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Mark Forward is well known for his role in the critically acclaimed feature film Bridesmaids where he played the best stand-up comedy performer. Mark Forward went on to star in the equally successful Bridesmaids II as well as the critically acclaimed Wedding Crashers. He has since gone on to play characters in other high grossing movies including Crazy Heart and Million Dollar Baby. Mark has also won multiple awards for his work in Canadian films including the 2021 Toronto film festival award for Bestactor. As a result of all his accomplished accomplishments in both film and theatre Mark is now wealthy beyond his wildest dreams and is able to take advantage of all his investments with a net worth of over $80 million.

Mark Forward is the second ever winner of the Canadian Comedy Award for Outstanding Comedy Actor and the third Canadian comedy actor to win the award. The award proves to the world that Mark has indeed established himself as one of the top comics in the world. His biography on the wealth builder detailed much about Mark’s early beginnings as a comic in the United States and his time in Toronto where he honed his skills performing in various plays and musicals. It is no surprise that his biographical book was so highly praised and it’s estimated that his 2021 canadian comedy award win helped boost sales of Mark’s comedy album.

Mark’s most recent roles have been guest starring on a number of popular television shows including Seinfeld, Frasier, The Mentalist and Housefull. Although he has not been involved in a feature film for many years what is interesting to note is that Mark has appeared in several episodes of the short-lived Seinfeld spinoff Curb Your Emotions. Mark’s role as Jerry is one of his most memorable in those shows as he portrays the wise and humorous father of a young woman who becomes his wife after he is killed in a car crash. Mark’s acting skills were noticed on that show and his ability to draw people in to his performances as his fans attest is commendable and this is just one of the few notable part of Mark’s career that received strong ratings during his stay on that show. For the Canadian comedian to continue dominating the comedy scene in Canada and in the United States is quite remarkable and this is a testament to Mark’s ability to draw in audiences and become an ever-popular stand up artist in the United States and Canada.