Matt Hill Net Worth 2022- Height, Weight, Salary, Biography & Age

Matt Hill is an established Canadian actor, who was also born on January 19, 1969. He is best known as a character artist, known for his distinctive voice over work, most notably as Cousin Brucie in Family Ties (2021). He has gone on to play many other interesting supporting characters in television, films and video games. Matt Hill is known for his energetic performance as uncle Fagin in the movie The Goonies ( 1993). Matt has also voiced several characters in Canadian television series such as The Ringer ( 1987), Varsity Blues ( 1988), and Everybody Loves Raymond (1990). In addition, Matt has also been nominated three times for an Academy Award for his role as Cousin Brucie in Family Ties.

Matt Hill Net Worth

Matt Hill Net Worth is $18.4 Thousand dollars

Matt Hill is an entertainer. This is evident in the titles of two of his albums – Face Value (2021) and Take Me Out (2021). His net worth continues to grow because he continues to tour. Matt Hill trivia will show that Matt Hill is not merely an entertainer but also an actor, singer, and producer who has worked with some of the best in Hollywood.

Matt Hill Full Biography

Full Name Matt Hill
Net Worth $18.4 Thousand dollars
Date of Birth January 19, 1968
Age 53 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Matt Hill has been portrayed by several different actors, most notably Earnie Wise as Himself in the Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure (Sci-Fi). Matt’s other roles include Smallville, Lou Grant in X-men: The Next Generation, and David Strathairn in the movie Kingpin (based on the book Kingpin by Matthew McConaughey). Matt Hill trivia will show that Matt Hill’s net worth continues to increase because he continues to tour and earn his pay. Matt’s role in the musical American Pie also earned him his first Grammys. Matt Hill has also won Grammys for his work on The Blind Side and For what it’s worth; he was also nominated for an Academy Award for his work on that film.

Matt Hill trivia will show that Matt Hill resides in Los Angeles, California with his wife, Lisaples. They have two teenage daughters as well as a dog, Matt Hill’s personal assistant. Matt Hill’s net worth continues to increase as he continues to work in the entertainment industry. Matt Hill’s other notable films include Love Actually (also starring Matt Damon), Edward Scissorhands, and Home Alone.

Matt Hill trivia will show that Matt Hill’s net worth continues to increase because he continues to star in movies, making money, and tour in order to support his family. Matt Hill is currently married to actress Jennifer Lopez. They have two daughters and live in a house in Encinitas, California. Matt Hill is currently working on a new movie that should start shooting in the summer of 2021. Matt Hill is not yet at the highest net worth that a celebrity can attain, but he is certainly up there in terms of earning potential.

Matt Hill has played quite the role in Hollywood, playing opposite such celebrities as George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Morgan Freeman. Matt Hill’s net worth has risen since his days on television, which makes it easy to see why anyone would want to purchase Matt Hill’s current estate. Matt Hill is just one example of how people continue to succeed in Hollywood despite what life may throw at them.