Matthew Ferguson Net Worth 2022- Height, Weight, Salary, Biography & Age

Matthew Ferguson is an American actor and is best known for his appearances on the television series Lost, amongst many others. Matthew’s life has been full of twists and turns that have led to him achieving his current level of success in his acting career. Matthew Ferguson was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma and is one of six children of Richard Dixson. His father was a successful attorney.

Matthew Ferguson Net Worth

Matthew Ferguson Net Worth is $1 Million – $5 Million

When Matthew was only seven years old his family moved to Chicago, Illinois and he enrolled at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Whilst attending this university Matthew discovered his love for theatre and this led him to a career in acting, in which he would make guest appearances on shows such as Wheel of Fortune, Desperate Housewives and Father’s Day. He also spent some time performing stand-up comedy, playing the role of King Kurtz in a number of different movies. These guest appearances earned Matthew Ferguson net worth in the order of six million dollars.

Matthew Ferguson Full Biography

Full Name Matthew Ferguson
Net Worth $1 Million – $5 Million
Date of Birth April 3, 1973
Age 48 Years
Contact Number Unknown

In recent years Matthew has concentrated on his acting career, making cameos in films such as The Fantastic Mr Fox and the remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Matthew’s other acting roles have seen him appear in a number of TV shows such as ER, Married, Frasier and Billions. Matthew is currently promoting the movie version of his play Something Good. Matthew has also written and directed a number of feature-length films including Invictus, The Dying Game, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, and Man on the Moon. A biography on Matthew Ferguson can be found at the wiki article link below.

Apart from his work in television and film Matthew has also found great success in the world of photography, winning a number of awards for his photography including the Camera Actors Guild Award for Best Photography. Matthew’s family live in California, USA. Matthew’s other filmography includes The Damned United, The Royal Scam, and The Perfect Storm. Matthew’s brother Peter is an award-winning playwright and director. A biography on Matthew and his family can be found at the Wiki site below.

Matthew Ferguson’s net worth continues to rise with each passing year. As per the Wiki biography it is believed Matthew Ferguson’s income today is in the region of six thousand to seven thousand dollars per annum. Matthew Ferguson was thirty-one years of age when he was cast in the first film of his career, The Damned United. Matthew began as an actor in television, playing a series called Yes in which he starred alongside Tim Matheson, Michael Gambon and Bruce Willis. It was this role that would help Matthew secure his film and TV career. From there Matthew went onto plays numerous other memorable characters including the father in the movie The Game, and the son in the television drama Deuce Bigalow.

Matthew Ferguson’s canadian citizenship has been mentioned on the pages of the Wiki as well. It is believed that Matthew moved to Canada at sometime between March and July of 1973. This is documented in the filmography, where Matthew is said to have settled in Toronto, Canada. The last time any documentation regarding Matthew Ferguson was noted on the Wiki was in July of 2021 when Matthew was interviewed on the Canadian news show The Current.