Megha Akash Net Worth-2022, Age, Height, Weight & Contact Number

Megha Akash is yet another actress to add to the long list of actresses making millions on the silver screen today. She is a skilled actress and also has some experience in acting as well. Her net worth is largely contributed to her beauty, but she has managed to make a name for herself in a field few people ever imagined, acting.

Megha Akash is from Morocco. Since she was young, she always had a passion for acting, and that eventually translated into a successful career on the stage. She went on to be known for such roles as Esma el-Sheikh in the musical West Side Absentee, and Asunta Saleh in the film American Gangster. She then appeared in many TV shows such as The Mentalist, Dule Hill, and Everybody Loves Raymond. All these helped her to gain a reputation in the industry and made her one of the top stars in her field of work.

Megha Akash Full biography

Full Name Megha Akash
Net Worth $40 million
Date of Birth 26 October 1995
Age 25 Years
Contact Number Unknown


Now Megha Akash is back in action, this time in an independent film directed by Nigerian film star Ashoke RAMARESQUE. She plays Saleh, a cab driver in the search of a drug lord who is after the stash of a friend. This film is directed by Ashoke RAMARESQUE and has been received well by both critics and audiences worldwide.

So how much does Megha Akash make in her career? Based on the Net Scrapbooker Blog, Megha earns about twenty-five thousand dollars per month, which would place her at number four in the world’s highest paid actresses. However, it should be noted that Megha’s salary is not official. This is because the figures are only rough estimates based on how much Megha and her representatives have negotiated with their agencies for the movie. The negotiation process is the key to how much Megha makes.

Megha Akash’s contract is set at about three million dollars per movie, which places her at number twenty-seventh in the world’s highest paid actresses. However, since Megha has only appeared in one movie, we can’t really say how much she makes from it. The best we could do is estimate her net worth considering the fact that she has not yet had any leading roles in a leading role films. Based on how much Megha’s net worth is, her salary should be about four thousand dollars per week. If she manages to earn more during negotiations, it may go up to six thousand dollars per week.

It is not hard to figure out how much Megha Akash makes from her acting gigs. What is difficult is to judge her appeal among directors as she hasn’t yet been given a big budget movie to act in. Still, with her charisma and skill, she might still manage to bag a good part to make her name better known. The Megha Akash case study should therefore be given due weight.