Meghana Gaonkar Net Worth-2022, Age, Height, Weight & Contact Number

Meghana Gaonkar is a Bollywood actress who has made more than hundreds of films and has acted in more than one hundred films. She is a versatile actress, and her best known role is that of Rajneeti, in the film called Baahubali. She is also known for her acting in several other popular films. Meghana has earned more than six figure meghalas for her various films. This article will discuss on how much Meghana earns from her acting engagements.

Meghana Gaonkar’s Net Worth: Meghana Gaonkar earns more than one million and five million dollars through her acting engagements each year. It has been estimated by media sources that she earns around one million dollars per year from her various film roles. Meghana has made such huge sum of money form her first big screen role as a movie actress in Baahubali. Other major roles that have earned her meghalas include Jodha Akbar, Dhiren Barot, Kirti Choudhury, and Ravi Teja.

Meghana Gaonkar Full biography

Full Name Meghana Gaonkar
Net Worth $1 Million – $5 Million
Date of Birth 8 May 1985
Age 36Years
Contact Number Unknown


Birth: Meghana was born in Alwar, a small town in India’s Rajasthan state. She was born to Sawai Manjishtha and Nandini, two farmers from a prominent family in Alwar. Meghana grew up throughout her childhood and early teen years in her father’s small house. She had three sisters and one younger brother. She was born to the household of her father’s first wife Jatsatta and her mother’s second husband Laxman.

Meghana is a perfect example of how a child is brought up in a conservative community till the age of six when she was named Meghana. Meghana’s birth year is fixed at an average of 36 years according to traditional Indian calendar. Meghana’s real name is Nandini, the original name of Meghalaya. According to Meghana’s bio-page on Wikipedia, Meghana was brought up in Alwar and spent most of her childhood and teen years in her father’s small house.

Meghana is described as a beautiful girl with light skin and dark hair. She has brown eyes and brown/hazel hair. Meghana is described as being a very passionate person by her friends and other onlookers. Meghana’s most famous role, which catapulted her to Meghalaya’s Net Worth is that of the lead character of Baahubali in the immensely successful movie Baahubali.

Meghana’s birthday is on the 9th of October, which makes her net worth as old as 39 years. Meghana was born in Mangalgiri in West Bengal and was given the name Meghalaya Meghana after her birth town of Mangalgiri. Meghana’s profile on Cebu is quite impressive, as she was an acclaimed dancer and singer while she was also known for her accomplished acting skills. Meghana’s acting prowess was highlighted in her first leading role as a dancer in the animated movie ‘Koh Danyani’ in 1998. Meghana is yet to return to the big screen and despite the odds, she is yet to be cast for a major role in English movies. The odds are in favor of Meghana as she is a great actress and the chances of her winning a major award anytime soon are high.