Michael Daingerfield Net Worth 2022- Height, Weight, Salary, Biography & Age

Michael Daingerfield is an American actor, singer, and producer who was raised in North Carolina. His father was a mechanic and Michael was frequently left alone in the care of his grandmother. Michael’s mother would raise him, but Michael also learned how to play the guitar, and would later play in a number of different bands as well as in television. He has gone on to star in such films as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Mask, Men in Black, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, and has also worked with some of the biggest names in music, including Weird Al Yankovic.

Michael Daingerfield Net Worth

Michael Daingerfield Net Worth is $1-5 Million

Michael Daingerfield has gone on to feature in a number of television shows, several of which have been produced in Canada. One show, called Raise the Bar, was given the green light by Canadian television stations and went on to become one of the most successful Canadian shows of all time. Daingerfield went on to star in the same show, titled Raise the Bar again for a second season, in 2021. In that role he played the role of Renee, who was a stripper turned FBI agent. This role became even more successful when Alias Young star came out and played the same role in a spin off of the series called Second Chance.

Michael Daingerfield Full Biography

Full Name Michael Daingerfield
Net Worth $1-5 Million
Date of Birth October 29, 1970
Age 50 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Michael Daingerfield is also known for his role as Dr. Michael O’Rourke in the television series House. The character was an emergency room doctor on the hit show, where he was an integral part in saving the hospital. Michael Daingerfield trivia will tell you that he also appeared in the feature length film, The Game. On the movie he played the role of David Kleinfeld, and is one of two actors to appear in three Michael Mann movies that have been released without him having done any voice work.

Michael Daingerfield is best known to the public for his Michael Daingerfield net worth. The Michael Daingerfield net worth that he has earned is primarily due to his popularity on the television show, House. He is well known for his character of Dr. Michael O’Rourke, which he played on the popular television show House. People were so impressed with Michael Daingerfield’s performance on this show that his salary was increased during the production of the show. For those that are not familiar with House, it is a medical drama that is extremely popular among viewers of this type of program.

Michael Daingerfield is also known for his role in the Michael Jackson movie Thriller. This role was so impressive that it made him a name that was remembered by many people when they heard his name. In fact, Michael Daingerfield trivia will show that he actually performed on this show before his memorable performance on the original Thriller album. Michael Daingerfield trivia will show that he did have quite a bit of trouble with this first album because he was not accustomed to performing live and he was very nervous about performing on this show.

When people think of Michael Daingerfield net worth, they usually focus on his role on the television show House. However, he is much more than this. Michael Daingerfield also has an acting career that he is good at. People who are familiar with his work will find it hard to believe that he makes a living acting but it is true that Michael Daingerfield is an excellent actor and this is what helps him to earn so much money.