Michael Jordan Net Worth2022

Michael Jordan is a retired American basketball player and an entrepreneur. Michael Jordan has not played basketball professionally for decades! And he still earned from endorsement about 80 to 100 million dollars per year in various business ventures! He earned about 60 million dollars from Nike alone. In 1996 to 1998 when he played basketball, he set a sports record by earning 30 million dollars per year, from Chicago Bulls. On that season he earned 33.14 million dollars which are the same as 53 million dollars in today’s currency!

Michael Jordan Net Worth
Michael Jordan Net Worth

Michael Jordan brought 6 NBA champion titles for the Chicago Bulls. He earned a total of 97.3 million dollars in the time of his basketball player. Amazingly he earns more than his NBA carer salary from 12 months period endorsements! Michael Jordan broke all the records of endorsement when he signed 500k dollars with Nike for five years.

Michael Jordan Net Worth

$1.9 Billion

Michael Jordan Salary

He is retired

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