Michael Thangadurai Net Worth 2022, Age, Weight , Income, Height

Michael Thangadurai is a Tamil actor from Srinagar. His official website says that Michael Thangadurai is originally from Chennai and then moved to New York. He was in the film business for many years but never got recognized because of his dark complexion. So, what is Michael Thangadurai’s net worth today? His income source is mainly from acting.

Michael Thangadurai’s real name is Michael Joseph Thangaaduwaiter. Michael Thangadurai has not made any acting appearances since the mid 90’s. Though most people believe that he is dead, there are still many Michael Thangadurai fans all over the world that follow his career. How much do you think Michael Thangadurai’s net worth is?

Michael Thangadurai Full Biography

Full Name Michael Thangadurai
Net Worth $100K-$1M (Approx.)
Date of Birth 23-Aug-83
Age 34 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Michael Thangadurai’s official website says that Michael Thangadurai’s official income is presently from acting. The website also says that Michael Thangadurai has played a variety of characters since he was very young in Coimbatore. The list includes characters like Koolhaas, Chamakkutchi, Vaidya, Rama, Ravi and many more. Michael Thangadurai did act in some movies in India and Sri Lanka but his true love is from Sri Lanka where he grew up and became a national hero.

Michael Thangadurai’s bio at the Michael Thangadurai’s official website states that he is originally from Coimbatore and that he was a school student when he joined the army during the World War II. The biographies also states that Michael Thangadurai began his acting career in theater after leaving the army. Though he began his acting career in theater, Michael Thangadurai claimed that his true love is actually from Sri Lanka and that he loves to tell people that. According to Michael Thangadurai’s biography, Michael Thangadurai earned a first rate return policy as an actor. This means that every time he shows up on the screens he is earning a huge amount of money.

The Michael Thangadurai’s official website updates frequently with new information about Michael Thangadurai. You can also find a copy of Michael Thangadurai’s book “Beach Heaven”. Michael Thangadurai is yet another example of an incredible cricketing talent. He had been playing cricket since he was a child and this gave him the confidence to become a professional film actor. The Michael Thangadurai Net Worth is continuously increasing with each passing day. It has been reported by various sources that Michael Thangadurai is earning astronomical amounts of money every time he goes out on to the silver screen.

Michael Thangadurai is currently playing an important character in the award winning movie called “Imitation”. Michael Thangadurai is one of the most popular names among the Bollywood stars. Most of his fans are simply crazy about Michael Thangadurai and do not want to lose their interest to him. His Michael Thangadurai Net Worth is definitely growing with each passing day.