Michel Forget Net Worth 2022- Height, Weight, Salary, Biography & Age

Michel Forget is an award winning actor in the Canadian television industry. The series ” Michelangelo” focused on his life and it was also very successful. Complete Wiki Biography of Michel Forget covers his early years growing up in southern France where he was a very good student.

Michel Forget’s acting career spanned across many awards and accomplishments. He has received numerous honors and degrees throughout his career and was listed in the starred category in the 2021 best actor trophy for his starring role in the film “Lucky Number Slevin”. Michel Forget’s net worth is calculated at around two million dollars. How much does Michel Forget have to do with that figure? Let’s find out.

Michel Forget Net Worth

Michel Forget Net Worth is $1 million – $2 million dollars

Michel Forget is said to be the richest actor in the world according to some estimates. His estimated net worth is around two million dollars and he is a member of the exclusive French Paradox. This is the same group that includes writer, producer and director Roger Moore and actor Melvyn Bragg. It’s interesting that this actor who is a member of this exclusive group is also a member of the richest family in France.

Michel Forget Full Biography

Full Name Michel Forget
Net Worth $1 million – $2 million dollars
Date of Birth February 27, 1942
Age 79 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Michel Forget’s mother is described in the biography as a French aristocrat who had three daughters. The book states that her income was not substantial and she supported her family with a small pension each month. Another member of the mentioned Paradox is her brother Vincent who is described as a successful businessman and farmer. It’s hard to say if his income is substantial or not because his biography does not state how much he makes and how rich he is.

How much do you know about Michel Forget? He is well known for his role as Don Knotty in the movie A Christmas Carol. Did you know that he appeared in an episode of Happy Days as a teenager called Chandler. Michel spent most of his time in the countryside and it is from this description in the biography that some people have guessed that he may be wealthy. The net worth of Michel Forget could easily be supported by his role on Happy Days.

From the information provided in the biography, it is evident that Michel Forget has been busy on the television for many years and he did not start earning serious money until he was forty years old. Was he also on the reality show that lasted eleven seasons or was he just another actor who appears on different channels? Did he have any roles in other movies or is he simply an actor who is popular because of his name? After reading this book, do you still doubt the answers provided in the book? Do you think that he is just another rich actor who spent his whole life on television?