Mika Kallio Net Worth 2022- Salary, Income & Earnings

Mika Kallio is well known as a motorcycle racer. He began his racing career at the age of nineteen. Later he joined the ranks of Finnish Touring Cycle Championship. Later he became a Grand Prix champion in the year 1989. During his participation in this tournament he made eleven grand Prix wins and set numerous records. He has also won the nationally popular GP2 series in Finland.

Mika Kallio Net Worth Is $1 Million – $5 Million

According to Mika Kallio’s official biographical book” Motorsport: My Life As a Motorcycle Racer” the following information about Mika Kallio’s net worth is based on his salary as a professional motorcycle racer. It is estimated that he makes about two hundred and fifty thousand dollars per month. His annual earnings are said to be dependent on the condition of the racers in the championship. The highest paying riders earn about six hundred thousand per month.

According to” Motorsport: My Life As a Motorcycle Racer”, Mika Kallio’s income source is based on various different factors. It depends on the success of the race, he participates in and how much money is won. Another factor that he considers is the physical condition of each of the racers participating. It depends on the body measurements of the racers and how much experience they have in competing.

Mika Kallio is tall and weighs about one hundred thirty pounds. His body measurements are 170 cm and seventy-five kilograms. He has brown eyes and a straight black hair. According to “Motorsport: My Life As a Motorcycle Racer” he is a great athlete that enjoys participating in all types of racing. He has raced professionally in Finland, Russia, Australia and the USA.

Mika Kallio’s official website states that he was born in Helsinki, Finland. He earned a degree in law at the University of Espoo. He also earned degrees in communications and psychology at Finland’s University of Kempele. He also has experience as a racing driver, since he participated in the Dakar rally in the early eighties. His official net worth is estimated to be about seven million dollars.

According to “Motorsport: My Life As a Motorcycle Racer” it is estimated that Mika Kallio makes about six hundred thousand dollars per month with his income source consisting of various different sponsors. Some of the companies he works for include Leopard Jackets, Motopak, Gazelle, Harley Davidson and Speed Concept. In 2021 Mika Kallio started his company Triovia which offers a service called “bike valet parking”. This service allows customers who own their own bikes to park their bikes on the premises and get paid for every night they use this facility.