Mohan Sharma Net Worth 2022- Income, Salary & biography

Mohan Sharma is a famous Malaysian film actor known for his leading roles in well-known Malayalam movies. Most of the people are unaware of Mohan’s real age. We all know him as a leading Hindi film actor but Mohan is actually a thirty six-year-old Malayalam actor called Mohan Kumar. Mohan has a net worth of seven million dollars.

Mohan Sharma Net Worth

Mohan Sharma Net Worth is  $60 million.

Mohan began his acting career at the age of 16 in a Hindi movie “Chaleel”. In the film, Mohan played a character named Bheema who was a freakishly beautiful and attractive young girl. The director of the film saw Mohan’s potential and he encouraged him to try out for different roles in more movies. After three successful years in films, Mohan earned enough experience to be cast as an action star in the movie series “Aegis”. Later in the series, Mohan played the role of the rogue terrorist Abu Tahir in the second episode of the series and earned another million dollar paycheck for his part in the series.

Mohan Sharma Full Biography

Full Name Mohan Sharma
Net Worth  $60 million.
Date of Birth August 23, 1956
Age 65 Years
Contact Number Unknown

When Wikipedia first launched its list of celebrities of Indian origin, Mohan was listed as the eleventh celebrity from India on the list. Wikipedia describes Mohan as an “Indian actor who plays the role of Vayu in the animated Hindi film Baahubali. His best known role in Baahubali is Kattu who he plays alongside Sharukh Khan.

Since then there have been several reports about Mohan. The first and most interesting part about Mohan is that he has a birthday video posted on YouTube which has not been viewed by anyone. The website of YouTube states that Mohan was born in Singapore in 1980 and that his birth date is May 7th, thus making him about six or seven years old according to YouTube.

According to the Wiki article, Mohan is also an Indian American by heritage. The description of his heritage says that he was born in Lawrence County in Massachusetts and that he is of average height. He is said to be about one and a half inches tall. The height discrepancy between the Wiki article and the other sites concerning his birth date is most likely due to the many surgeries that he had undergone in his childhood and adulthood.

The wiki site also states that Mohan is an actor in the Hindi films “Chak De! India” and “Mankatha” which were made by a Japanese company. The information about his looks does not contain any information regarding his height and only mentions that he is about thirty-two inches in height according to the Wiki article.