Mohan Sharma Net Worth 2022, Income, Height, Age, Weight

Mohan Sharma is an extremely well known Tamil actor. A great many of his films end up being sleeper hits with the mass Tamil audience, who are generally not that big on big screen star features. There have been a few exceptions like Karthikeyan’s Baahubali and Aruvikkuzhi. But his best work has come in movies where he plays a character, who is not an important main character in the story and yet plays a crucial role. Here are some interesting facts about Mohan Sharma’s net worth.

The information regarding Mohan’s net worth comes from a reputed publication called the Sunday Times of India. The report states that Mohan earned around 1 million a year from cinema. The salary figure given by the newspaper is actually an average of the six movies that he has been involved in. His other films that have earned him an average of at least one million dollars per episode are Apne for his performance as an aging heart patient in Apne Of Happiness, The Estate (Koena Sheikh), Welcome, Kill Bill, The Incredible Adventures of Antman, etc. Therefore, one can safely say that Mohan Sharma is an excellent income actor.

Mohan Sharma Full Biography

Full Name Mohan Sharma
Net Worth $60 million
Date of Birth August 23, 1956
Age 60 Years
Contact Number Unknown

An interesting bit of information about Mohan is that his official birth date is not fixed. According to the Mumbai Mirror, in an interview with Mumbai Mirror, Mohan disclosed that he was born in Kerala in India. He did however reveal that his actual birth date is not known to anyone. Some people believe that Mohan was actually born in Singapore and given the last name of Mark while others believe that it is a typo by the writer.

A question that follows about Mohan’s net worth is – how much does he make from his movie ventures? The answer to this question is not known officially but according to the Wikipedia article on the Wiki, his first major role in a Hindi film was in the Hindi movie Ashok Kid which went on to become very popular. After that, Mohan became associated with the Indian movie industry through various TV serials and even acted in a few movies in the eighties. The Sponge Bob Square Pants shows, the Ram Gopal Varma started, Droll Pyaar Kyu Kiya, Lakhmi, Mankatha, Buddha, etc., were some of his last big roles. Since then, he has been doing very well and is paid reasonably for his role.

One of the reasons as to why his Net Worth is so high is because of the success he has enjoyed after his film career. Even if Mohan has not been able to bag the same success in the acting category that Aishwarya Rai has, his Net Worth is still quite high. The same is true of Ranbir Kapoor, who has managed to earn almost a hundred million while being at the age of sixty-five. Apart from these two superstars, many other actors have also managed to add a good chunk of change to their Net Worth.

Some other notable people who are worth billions of rupees include Anushka Shetty, Bollywood’s main source of female stars, Madhubala Murthy and Priyadarshan Soman Nair. It should be noted here that Anushka Shetty’s Net Worth is almost a billion rupees and Bollywood’s main source of male stars is Amitabh Bachan. There are many other lesser known actors who are earning billions of rupees like Sharukh Khan and Mukesh Bhatt. However, it should also be mentioned that the earnings of these celebrities are influenced by their paycheck and not by their Net Worth. No matter what the net worth is, one will still be having great Net Worth when compared to the prime minister of India.