Mohanlal Net Worth 2021- Income, Earnings & Salary

Net value of Mohanlal actor’s production house is in billions. The money invested in movies and the number of DVDs produced have given him the status of a ten-figure earner. He’s in the list of the ‘olds’ in Bollywood. And there is no denying his talent as an actor.

Mohanlal Net Worth Is $ 10 Million – $15 Million

Since he began in movies, Mohanlal has built a good filmography. There are several movies released on the silver screen and they have all been successful. However, there have been some box office hits too. Like Crazy Heart, Rajneeti, and Baahubali. All these were monetary successes too.

The question of salary of a Bollywood actor depends on the nature of work. In the case of Rajneeti, it was more of a comedy film. It did well at the box office and its lead character was Rajinikanth, an anti-hero. There were no sex scenes in Rajneeti and no foul language.

Baahubali is an action type of movie. Its plot is about a daughter who has become possessed by demons. Her father is a prominent figure in the society and he tries to help her get rid of the demon possessing her. The movie was made famous by Ranthambhore after which the franchise went on to make several other movies.

There have been movies where Mohanlal has played opposite to a leading star. Like in Baahubali, Mohanlal did a cameo role alongside Aishwarya Rai in Apne face off. Both are good at their job and their characters have become household names. Their chemistry worked perfectly in these movies and their salaries justified the pay.

With Apne Face Off and now Baahubali, Mohanlal has established himself as one of the best Hindi cinema actors. People talk about his films and how good he is in them. If one takes note of the kind of work he does, one would wonder whether he is actually worth the amount of money that he is being paid to play such a character. This is not to say that other actors are not paid well, but in my opinion, Mohanlal is not the right actor to be compared with.

There are many factors to judge an actor. The first and foremost factor is what kind of work is he being paid for? Do the contracts give out a range or an exact amount? A big name actor will obviously command a higher salary than an average one. But for an aspiring actor or a novice, it would be wise to start from a lower figure and then aim for the big jobs.

Next, how much salary do you think a Hindi movie actor would earn on average? Again, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to this. However, most believe that the leading characters in Apne and Baahubali earned around forty thousand dollars per episode respectively. Since most movies today are budget based, the salary would go up if the movie becomes successful.

Finally, what kind of film is the actor playing? These days, one can find an actor playing any kind of film. There is a new genre everyday. However, as earlier mentioned, the main key to becoming a Bollywood actor is your performance. You must be able to portray the character flawlessly so that the audience can relate to him or her.