Mr. Shanawas Net Worth 2022- Income, Salary & biography

Mr. Shanawas Net Worth is a product of Mr. Lim Chin Soon, who is the owner of the Shanawas Shopping mall and the country’s largest mall, situated in Jalan Raya Bintang. This mall is part of the Epping shopping complex. The mall has over two hundred shops and restaurants. Most people will be surprised that the average monthly income of this businessman is more than six million ringgits.

Mr. Shanawas Net Worth

Mr. Shanawas Net Worth is $ USD 8 Million

This man has a passion for anything that is related to the internet. This has become his passion since he joined the world wide web when he was still just a teenager. He fell in love with computers and anything to do with making money online. Now, almost thirty-five years old, he has a flourishing business that not only allows him to make money online but also allows him to do something for a living. He is currently traveling the world in search of more products to sell on the internet.

Mr. Shanawas Full Biography

Full Name Mr. Shanawas
Net Worth $ USD 8 Million
Date of Birth 22 April 1982
Age 44 Years
Contact Number Unknown

As he told us, the main purpose of starting this business was so that he can be his own boss and be in control of his own destiny. He loves the freedom that being his own boss brings, which is something that most people cannot afford in their lifetime. His main strategy to earn a nice amount of passive income through the internet is to make sure that he enrolls new members into his business. To be able to do this, he uses various marketing strategies that make it easy for him to attract prospective customers.

The first way in which he makes money online is by using pay per click advertisements. Every time a user clicks on these ads, Mr. Lim’s company will get charged some amount. This amount is minimal as compared to what it would cost if every clique were to be billed. However, there is still some cost involved, as Mr. Lim needs to pay for the advertisement space on his website. However, he knows that he is getting paid for the service that he is providing. Therefore, he feels that every penny is worth it because the returns are great.

Another way to earn from the internet is by promoting other people’s products and services on the site. Shanawas Net Worth offers a member’s forum where one can promote anything he is selling. All that one has to do is join the site, make an account and introduce one’s products. In order to get traffic to the site, one has to make sure that the content of the site is interesting and appealing. Then, the site will attract potential customers who are looking for information regarding the product that one is selling.

To be successful in the Shanawas Net Worth program, one must be knowledgeable about using internet marketing to increase one’s income. One should also be patient enough to wait for the results. The internet world is very fast-paced and it moves at a fast pace too. Therefore, one has to be able to keep up with the changing environment in order to make money out of internet marketing. One has to follow all the instructions given and must never give up, if he is unable to achieve something in the first two or three months.