Mudasir Zafar Net Worth 2021- Income, Earnings & Salary

Mudasir Zafar of Bollywood fame is a name that is well known in India among the common masses. The world knows Bollywood as a producer of hit movies such as Kar ma Ka Dhingaja and Humko Deewana Kar Gaye. But in fact Bollywood does a lot more than just churn out movies. It is an all round entertainment industry, which is famous all around the globe for its superb acting skills, amazing songs and music, amazing cinematography and excellent choreography. That is why apart from being the face of Bollywood, Mudasir Zafar has also managed to become a popular actor and singer in his own right.

Mudasir Zafar Net Worth is 2-5 Million

There are many factors that contribute to an actor’s success in Bollywood. The first and foremost factor is the amount of money that he receives from the Bollywood film. Most Bollywood movies are budget heavy and thus actors receive a decent amount of money from the box office earnings. However, the amount of money that they actually get is dependent on a variety of factors. Some of these include the length of time they have been in the Bollywood industry, the success or failure of the film and the star power that has been attached with the film. Let us take a look at some of the best-known Bollywood actor salaries.

Om Puri is the best known Bollywood actor with an overall salary of about 40 million pounds per year. But this is not the case with all the other actors of Bollywood. In fact there is one actor from Bollywood who receives a much higher salary just because he happens to be the best actor in the Bollywood industry. That actor is Shah Rukh Khan, who happens to receive about seventy-five thousand pounds per annum. This includes the film profit as well as the residual income that will be given to him on a yearly basis. Other than Shah Rukh Khan, there is another Bollywood actor whose salary I would like to mention who happens to receive about forty-seven thousand pounds per annum.

When we talk about the best known Hindi actor in Bollywood, one of the names that automatically comes to our minds is Shrek. The film, which was known to people across the world as Shrek has become one of the most successful films ever made. It has been noted for its excellent animation and adventure as well as for the amazing performances of the three main characters Donkey, Princess Fiona and Lord Farquaad. The character of Lord Farquaad was particularly loved by children and teenagers across the world. This is probably due to the storyline in which the character saves his princess from the ogre Lord Drakken. The reason why Shrek is so popular among youngsters is the fact that the entire movie is animated.

There is no doubt that an actor called Prabhas is the best paid Hindi actor of all time. Prabhas Chameli has been paid about thirty-eight thousand pounds per annum, which is not a surprising figure at all. Another actor who happens to be worth mentioning is Om Puri. Om has been paid about thirty-six thousand pounds per annum and makes this list of the best paid Hindi actors in Bollywood.

Finally, there is one actor who deserves to be mentioned in this article. This actor is actually my personal favorite. I love Rajinikanth’s persona so much that whenever someone asks me about my favorite Hindi actor, I immediately name this man. The reason I am telling you this is that his name is Kirtarayan Singh is actually a director. Recently, I saw a movie that was based on the life of this great actor.