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The gamergate controversy is a battle between game developers and gamers. Video game enthusiasts are annoyed by video game companies taking advantage of “innocent” gamers. They feel these companies are trying to profit from their hobby. The gamergate conflict is a big topic with the New York Times, Washington Post, Wired, Salon, and CNN.

Gamers are being bombarded with a lot of lies about earning from gaming. The first lie is that gamers can earn millions. The second is that it’s difficult to make money. The third is that it’s impossible to make any money. The truth is that it’s not difficult and many people do it very well.

Myth Full Biography

Full Name Myth
Net Worth $3.5 million
Date of Birth May 24, 1999
Age 22 Years
Contact Number Unknown


The Myth I earn from gaming the main one is that a gamer can earn millions from playing. The gamergate scandal exposed a bunch of game designers who made a lot of money with some of the most popular games. The game they developed earned them millions. The next biggest game developer made billions. The creator of one of the most hyped games in history earned billions!

The Myth income is hard to measure and you have to go on a survey to earn it. The Myth biography on me says I make over a hundred grand a month with my gaming business. The real number is much higher. The fact is that I don’t need to do surveys to make money; my gaming business is growing faster than the economy.

The Myth The gamer is becoming lazy. The gamer stereotype is that lazy people play video games. This myth isn’t true. Video game companies need more writers and programmers. Writers and programmers are needed because the video game industry is constantly changing. The more complex the game, the more money involved.

The Myth the I’m not good looking. The myth is that gamers are all fat guys with no muscle. The truth is that very few gamers are fat. The truth about me is that I’m tall and thin. I’ve always been active, so I’m in great shape.

The Myth The only old gamers to play video games. The truth is that there are still plenty of young gamers. The demographic of young gamer is going to continue to grow. The main target market for the game industry continues to be younger males. Young males like to play sports games or action based games.

The Myth I’m just wasting my time. The truth is that I spend half of my day on a game and up to an hour a night playing another game. The second I get bored with a game I pick another one. The key to being a successful Game Tester is having a lot of fun.

The Myth I’m not smart enough or educated enough. The truth is that I’m smarter than everyone out there. I have degrees. I’m a great teacher. The biggest thing is that I’m passionate about what I do. The only thing stopping you from being a successful video game tester is your own fears.