Nandhu Net Worth 2022, Age, Income, Height & Weight

Nandu Net worth is the question that many Tamil film stars have been asking since they were very young. The two most famous Tamil heroes of our time, Kumarakom and Nandu are the subject of a lot of speculations and even the making of movies based on these characters has been going on since quite a long time now. The question of how much Nandhu earns in a day or a week is still a topic of discussion among the Tamil film stars, media persons and fans from other countries. Till now, the answer has always been near the minus number. But Kumarakom’s recent hit film “Endhiran” and Nandhu’s “Iruvar”, have led to an increase in the demand for a clearer picture about Nandhu Net worth.

Nandhu Net Worth

Nandhu Net Worth is ₹15.34 crore

In this Kumarakom film, “Iruvar”, Nandhu who is the main lead character is played by Kumarakom himself. This is one of the biggest grossing films ever made by Tamil cinema and the most expensive movie ever made by Tamil cinema. The film has also won several Film Farewell Awards including the best film and best director categories. So, the question of how much Nandhu earns in a week or a day is inevitable.

Full Biography

Full Name Ryan Reynolds
Net Worth ₹15.34 crore
Date of Birth February 9, 1965
Age 56 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Now we come to Nandhu’s most famous starring role in any Tamil movie since his first big hit in Tamil Nadu movie “Iruvar”. That film was a box office hit and the second best grosser ever released in India. Nandhu earned his first Oscar nomination for his performance and he was nominated for the same again for his second film “Iruvar”. So, the question of how much Nandhu earns in a week or a day still remains a mystery.

Then we have the film “Kavitha” which Nandhu Net Worth estimate to have earned him approximately one million dollars from the entire gross sale. So, Nandhu has been a steady income actor in Tamil cinema and definitely ranks at the top of our list. He has been nominated twice for best actor and once for best director. Apart from “Iruvar”, he has also starred in “Dhoom Reloaded”, “Mankatha”, “ulkul”, “Vincent”, “Eternal Love” and “Endhiran”.

Nandhu was married to Venkatgiriyan who is the daughter of Y.S.S. founder Nandini Sundaram. They had two children named Ravi and Hrithik, who are now very successful in their own right. Nandhu Net worth is sure to rise high in coming years as he matures and gets older and the box office success continues.