Nani Net Worth-2022, Age, Height, Weight & Contact Number

Tamil movie “A Tamil Odyssey” starring Naidin Ahmed and Priyadinnaiya Kumar was released in the year 2021. Directed by S. Rajendran, it is based on the life of the prominent Tamil intellectual Dr. George Periyar. It is a biographical movie that depicts the many facets of the life of one of the most eminent Tamil writers of our times – George Periyar. A film that did pretty good at the box office. So what is Nani Net worth? Let’s find out!

Well, according to my calculations, this movie should earn at least another $15 million at the box office. That is quite a nice return for such a low budget film. It also did very well in the Tamil market, which is one of the few Tamil films that got some traction in the mainstream Tamil film industry. The success of “A Tamil Odyssey” paved the way for more profitable Tamil movies to be produced. Tamil cinema as a whole has gone from strength to strength ever since.

However, it must b

Nani Full biography

Full Name Nani
Net Worth $30 Million
Date of Birth 24 February 1984
Age 38 Years
Contact Number Unknown


e kept in mind that every film is going to make less than what its opening weekend gross was. For instance, Mankatha earned about twice as much on its first weekend as it did on its second weekend. So don’t be surprised if the film makes half what is expected at the box office. No matter how good a movie is, word of mouth alone aren’t enough to make a successful film hit the box office. Unless the story and the acting are excellent, the audience simply won’t come and watch it.

A Tamil actor with limited acting skills like Naidin Ahmed could have made some headway with his acting in these Tamil movies. But he didn’t. That’s not to say that other Tamil actresses are poor actors-it’s just that screenplays written for lesser actors are often less successful. It seems the Tamil directors and producers expect their Tamil stars to do a lot more than they actually can. They expect Naidin Ahmed to do a good job, but when he tried to carry a script and make a movie that was mediocre, his career fizzled out.

Some people attribute the failure of Tamil movies to the mainstream acceptance of the Tamil language. Well, yes, Tamil has always been a mainstream language but the mainstream did not accept Tamil movies like other Bollywood movies did. Many people don’t even know what a Tamil movie is! However, the thing is that Tamil isn’t liked by everyone. But the film industry always seems to try to cater to the majority, and you can bet that the mainstream never appreciated Tamil.

So if you want to be successful in the theater, then you need talent and skill like Naidin Ahmed. If you have those, then you can start making your own movies. There are many talented Tamil actors out there who have made their own name in the film industry. These are the movies that will survive the test of time. You can start working on your own movie very soon.