Naved Aslam Net Worth 2021- Salary, Income & Earnings

The first question that would come to our mind upon hearing about Naved Aslam is How much is Naved Aslam Salary? Well, most of us do not know that actor Naved Aslam was paid about 5 million dollars for a very small role in one of his films. This is not all; the amount of money he was paid was far more than his role required. But still, we don’t get to see how much exactly he was paid for this role. So how much is Naved Aslam’s Nollywood salary?

Naved Aslam Net Worth Is $1-3 Million

We don’t get to know how much Bollywood salary is as most of the actors get paid by the role and not by the role they portray. Thus, we don’t even get to know how much Aslam was paid for the role he was auditioning for. But when we were talking about his role in Om Shanti Om, it is very clear from his reaction that he was paid a high salary for the role. We also saw that he had given a very good performance in the film. So, it can be said that Aslam has established himself in Bollywood by his excellent performance in Om Shanti Om.

So, how much is Naved Aslam worth? Well, his name is already in Bollywood history and we have seen his acting skills which made him famous. But still, we don’t know exactly how much his role in Om Shanti Om has made him but we do know that he was paid a very high salary for that role.

Another Bollywood actor who is worth talking about is Amitabh Bachhan. We have always seen his name along with almost every other Bollywood actors in the screen. So, we can say that he is one of the favourite actors among the directors of Bollywood. What is his role in the film? Well, his name appears briefly in the beginning of the film as a guest star and then he plays a pivotal role towards the end of the film.

Naveen Kaushik is another actor who is also worth mentioning. He has appeared in some good films as well and has been rewarded with decent roles. He is a character actor and his pay is not big as that of the other Bollywood actor. So, his pay is not very high but it does make him happy. However, Naveen did not get a big role in Om Shanti Om.

So, we can say that Naved Aslam is an actor who has been rewarded for his excellent performance but at the same time his salary is not very high. It is not a big payday for an actor but it is better than what he might get as a superstar. Overall, Naveen has done pretty well in Bollywood.