Nayantara Net Worth,2022, Age, Height, Weight & Contact Number

Nayantara Jai Mahavir’s Net worth is continuously rising in the recent days. She is one among the most promising actresses who have carved a niche for herself in the film industry. Her career has given her the best performances in some of the best films of all time. The actress has even won several Film Farewell awards and best actress awards for her flawless acting skills. So how much does Nayantara Jai Mahavir earn?

Currently, Nayantara Jai is earning crores in her movie career. She has also bagged important supporting roles in some good movies of the last two decades. As of now, Nayantara Jai has an estimated net worth of Rs 7 crores. How much is Nayantara Jai’s salary? What is her yearly salary and how much rich is this actress at the age of 37 Years?

Nayantara Full biography

Full Name Nayantara
Net Worth $10 million,
Date of Birth November 18, 1984
Age 36 Years
Contact Number Unknown


In the late of fiscal year 2021, Nayantara Jai was nominated for a best actress award at the National Awards of Advertising. She was followed by Aishwarya Rai and Sushmita Sen for the same award. During this period, Nayantara Jai became popular with her roles in high budget films. However, following the award win, her net worth has shot up as her name began popping up in Bollywood movie halls.

Nayantara Jai’s birth year is not exactly known. However, according to some experts, she was born in 1970. The most commonly accepted origin of her name is that of ‘Nyati’ which is an Indian Christian word meaning ‘wire’. This would explain why she has chosen to be known by her name as female artiste instead of by her birth year. It is also believed that she may be a blend of two Indian actresses; Anupamani Premchand and Vrushali Premchand.

From a reputed business journal, it has been ascertained that Nayantara Jai is earning crores at a rate of approximately Rs 80 crores per annum. With this additional income, it will be possible for her to fund her daughter’s education as well as her own film career. Other than being an attractive movie actress, Nayantara Jai is also known for her stunning body measurements which are presently measured to a size of 32C. This is not surprising considering that she was just a few years old when her first role came up.

In the recent past, Nayantara Jai’s body measurements have undergone several alterations which have been a vital requisite in order to fit into the current fashion trend of the ramp. These changes included the reduction of her waist size by a couple of inches, which is considered to be very prudent on her part because according to her birth year, she should be of normal weight and height. Another major transformation she has undergone is the making of her hair short in length and having bangs on the forehead. All these attributes have been attributed to her new found love, which has resulted in her becoming a happily married person with a good Net Worth of her own. It is safe to assume that Nayantara Jai has achieved her goal of being a Net Worth of her own through hard work and dedication and nothing more.