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Nithi in that film was one of the best known Tamil actresses. Now Nithini Maraduwa is all set to make her name in Bollywood after her recent hit performance in the movie “Chak De! India”, in which she played the character of a French house wife. In that film, Nithi displayed her stunning physique that earned her first ever entry in the Filmfare Hall of Fame.

Nithini’s entry into the Filmfare Hall of Fame marked the launch of her career that lasted till the end of last decade. But the story behind her entry into the hall wasn’t so simple. Her first encounter with Bollywood was in the late eighties where she appeared in one of her first ever films “Kathakali”. Although that film failed to do much in the way of box office earnings, it did create the all important first impression in the minds of directors and producers in the Hindi films industry.

Nithini Full biography

Full Name Nithini
Net Worth  $90 Million
Date of Birth
March 30, 1983
Age 38 Years
Contact Number Unknown


And ever since then, Nithini has been on the move. She has moved from small Tamil films to big budget Hollywood movies like “Chak De! India” and “Mankatha”. And even if she hasn’t made any big earning movies, she has been in quite a lot of hit sitcoms. A rarity for a Tamil actor, Nithini is one of the few Tamil actresses who have been able to break through to the Hollywood scene.

Nithini’s experience has also given her the opportunity to play different characters in a lot of Hollywood films. And she is not just limited to female roles. She has also played the role of a terrorist in one of her first ever Hindi films “Kodambakkam” and “Sivamalai”. She has also carved a niche for herself as an action actress in Hollywood, playing opposite action legends like Bruce Lee in the “ever successful” “Bicentennial Man”.

As she rightly points out, getting into the Hollywood limelight is not that easy. Even for the Tamil cinema stars, getting into a film without much experience is not that easy. For starters, they would have to hone their acting skills by practicing on stage. And even then it would be a tough competition for them to be noticed by an executive. But Nithini has shown that with enough patience and hard work, even a minor role in a big Hollywood film can help you make a name for yourself.

The trick is to be noticed and get a role. She has shown that with enough hard work and persistence, this too will become a part of her life and she will be able to generate enough money to support herself and her family. That too is very encouraging. Tamil actresses have always been known for being hard workers and for making their own space in the industry. They are not afraid of making mistakes and working hard to correct themselves. If Nithini Maraduwa takes her career to the next level, she can be one of those that makes it big in Hollywood.