Normand D’Amour Net Worth 2022- Height, Salary, Weight, Biography & Age

Normand D’Amour the famous television actor is one of the top box office stars in Hollywood. His films such as Face Off, Gran Torino, Swing Vote, Men In Black, 24, Gran Torino, etc have made him a superstar. He is well known for his winning roles which make him an excellent actor. Normand D’Amour net worth, salary & credit are some of the facts related to this super star.

Normand D’Amour Net Worth

Normand D’Amour Net Worth is $1 Million – $5 Million

Normand D’Amour net worth, salary and credit are some of the common facts about him. Normand D’Amour is the son of well-known director Michael Dinner. D’Amour is the product of a musical family that can be traced back in the musicals of Jon Bon Jovi, Tommy Lee, Queens of the Stone Age, etc. D’Amour was raised by his grandmother in Ontario, Canada. She was a talented actress and singer. Normand D’Amour biography, net worth and salary are some of the common facts about him.

Normand D’Amour Full Biography

Full Name Normand D’Amour
Net Worth $1 Million – $5 Million
Date of Birth 22 September 1962
Age 59a Years
Contact Number Unknown

Normand D’Amour is an English actor who was born in Liverpool. He began his acting career in television in the seventies and eighties. He went through four different directors before landing in Hollywood. His first film role was in the English soap opera ‘Emma’. After the series was canceled, he decided to shift to playing tough characters and so began his career as an actor in films such as Seabiscuit, Goodnight, Good Luck and Top Gun.

D’Amour is not an actor who has made many films in his adult life. His most recent films were in the action genre and he did star turns in films such as Men in Black and Tomb Raider Anniversary. D’Amour is not an English native. His real name is Bernard D’Amour, and his most common first name isnormand’.

In his bio, Normand D’Amour reveals his passion for literature and his family. He is married to solicitor Anneka solicitor, and they have two children. The two families are based in northwest England, and Normand’s mother is a fluent Polish. Normand’s father died when he was young, and he has continued to maintain strong ties with his family.

Normand D’Amour is a very nice looking man, and his appearance is supported by his good hair color, good skin tone, and his body measurements. Normand D’Amour is a good actor and a fine role model. His most famous role may be in the movie award-winning film, Invictus. Most of his career has been spent in television, and he has been known to do guest roles on popular shows such as Star Trek: The Next Generation, Alias, Family Guy, Frasier, Seinfeld, and The Simpsons.