Oney Lorcan Net Worth 2021- Income, Earnings & Salary

Wrestler Oney Lorcan is one of the main stars of the WWE, where he currently plays for the company. In his career so far he has held the top spot in the biggest wrestling matches in the company. Before that he has also worked for TNA, where he has had some of his most dominant matches. He is also known for his physique, which is very impressive. So how much does Oney Lorcan earn per month?

Oney Lorcan Net Worth is $1 Million – $5 Million

On the pay per view side of things, we have to look at the numbers a little bit closer. WWE pays out about forty-five or so million per pay per view. On average this works out at about two hundred and fifty dollars per minute. So for the purposes of our calculation we’ll be using the two hundred and fifty dollar average and take it from there.

The question then becomes, how much does WWE really make off of Oney Lorcan per pay per view? Well, they need him to perform well, as he is the face of the company. So no matter how poorly he is performing, they will still use him to sell more DVDs. This means that his earnings aren’t as huge as they might be, but they are still important. More importantly though, these earnings give the company the perception of success that they want.

So, if we were to calculate Oney Lorcan’s net worth we would put it at somewhere between four and five million dollars. This is down slightly from his six million dollar net worth, but not by much. The main reason behind this is simply because he hasn’t been able to win many major pay per views. His lone major win came at SummerSlam when he was defeated by Randy Orton. After this he has consistently been ranked lower than Randy Orton. So even though his main paycheck is low compared to others, his net worth is still very high.

Another thing to consider is what sort of wrestling career he is already on. Most people see him as a heel, but his background is completely different. He first became a wrestler at the prestigious WWE wrestling school called WWE Raw. This is where he met and quickly become great friends with WWE Superstar Triple H. During his time in WWE, he earned a lot of money as a member of The Family and also worked on his in-ring skills and got a title shot after winning the Cruiserweight Classic. He even had a run in the UFC before being dropped by the promotion.

So overall, Wrestler Oney Lorcan is a very good overall performer and even though his earnings are low, he still has enough income to live on. All in all, the best way to judge Oney Lorcan’s net worth is to simply look at what he’s been able to do. Even though his pay is low, he’s still able to live off of what he does best and that’s entertaining people with his in-ring skills and winning titles. So if you want to be just like him, you should definitely give him a shot!