Pattimandram Raja Net Worth 2022,Income, Age, Height, Weight & Contact Number

Pattimandram Raja Tamil actor, known by his Indian name of Babu, has become an international personality. He has a very distinctive face that draws the eyes of many. But what does he really contribute to the society?

Known by his real name, Babu, he has been nominated for the Film Farewell Awards three times. Best actor award for his first film “Endhiran” where he played a villainous role. Next up is “Endhiran”, in which he played an important character. He has appeared in four more movies, “Singh In” (the second in Tamil), “Tanu” (the third in Tamil), and “Chakrabhasa” (also in Tamil).

Pattimandram Raja Full Biography

Full Name Pattimandram Raja
Net Worth $1.5 Million
Date of Birth May 1 1959
Age 65 Years
Contact Number Unknown

According to a reputed website that compares the world’s most famous faces, Babu is the world’s third most well-known model-actor after Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. His profile page in the popular networking site MySpace has him at the eighteenth position in the list of the world’s most famous faces. Pattimandram Raja’s Pattimandram Raja net worth is listed at the twenty-sixth position in the list of the world’s most famous people. This is according to the website; it should be noted that Pattimandram Raja has not been officially declared bankrupt.

The most interesting bit about Pattimandram Raja is that he happens to have an alternate name; he goes by the name of Bovy, which is the name of a character in a popular children’s book written by K.R. Vaidya. Vaidya is the author of several books including a novel entitled “Bovy the Rat” who happens to be a very popular and well known model-actress in the Tamil community.

Like many other prominent Tamil models, Pattimandram Raja too has an alternate name; he goes by P. Prabhu Vaidya. However, that does not diminish his fame and admirers’ admiration for him. The fact that he is extremely popular and well known in the Tamil community speaks volumes about the man’s versatility as a model-actor and as a person. According to a news portal, Pattimandram’s net worth is estimated at Rs. 1.5 million.

So much for our favorite fictional character from Tamil cinema, Pattimandram Raja. His role as a banker was the icing on the cake and turned him into one of the most successful and sought after Tamil actors of all time. Overall, we believe that Pattimandram is worth every cent, not only because of his bank account but also because of the role he played as a character meant for a major role in a major motion picture, which earned him millions of dollars.