Paul George Net Worth2022

Paul George in an American Professional basketball player. He is the highest paid basketball player in the world. he was born in Palmdale, California. He grew up in a basketball players family. His siblings also played basketball at the collegiate level. Paul Geroge practiced his basketball playing with his siblings throughout his school years. It wasn.t until high school that he started playing basketball in a team. He was chosen as one of the sports illustrated’s top 16 most entertaining players in college basketball. He has been a 2-time NBA all-star selection and in an ALL-NBA third team selection. By making third team selection for all NBA in 2014, Paul George earned 7 million dollars bonus from the Pacers. From June 2018 to June 2019, Paul George earned 30 million dollars. His 8 million income comes from endorsements.

Paul George Net Worth
Paul George Net Worth
Paul George net worth:

$40 Million

Paul George’s Salary

$20 Million

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