Pierre Falardeau Net Worth 2022- Height, Weight, Salary, Biography & Age

Pierre Falardeau net worth was a fascinating part of the biography of Pierre Trudeau, the famous Canadian Prime Minister. The late Pierre Trudeau was a very popular and powerful leader of the country, which bares some interesting facts about the life of the former prime minister. Pierre Trudeau’s famous quotes are also interesting biographies about Pierre. The biographer also provides some interesting facts about the lives of Pierre and his wife, Marguerite, during their years of marriage.

Pierre Falardeau Net Worth

Pierre Falardeau Net Worth is $1.3 Million

According to several sources, the writer estimates that Pierre Falardeau net worth is about one million dollars, during his lifetime. He did have no assets during his lifetime as of now but he did have investments. Pierre was the nephew of Princess Marie Antoinette, during her reign as King of Spain. Aside from this, the author provides a background of Pierre’s family and gives some interesting facts about Pierre’s parents, his two sisters, his two brothers and one sister.

Pierre Falardeau Full Biography

Full Name Pierre Falardeau
Net Worth $1.3 Million
Date of Birth 1946–2009
Age 62 Years
Contact Number Unknown

In November of 1992, Pierre Trudeau attended the Toronto Film Festival, during which he was honored with a lifetime achievement award. At that time, according to various reports, the award was presented by the then mayor of Toronto, Hazel Chandler. At the time, the film director of the film festival was Mario Moretti, who is known for being an award-winning director. The film director was so overcome with grief over Pierre’s death that he decided to create a movie biography about Pierre. According to various accounts, Mario Moretti produced a movie based on the life of Pierre Trudeau, entitled: Pierre Falardeau: On Photography, which was made by a team of Italian film directors.

In his biography, Mario Moretti wrote that Pierre Falardeau was born in Saint Pierre-de-Provence, wherein he became known to the world as Pierre Falardeau. After completing his studies in the faculty of medicine in l’Orient College in Montreux-sur-Mer, Pierre began working as a medical resident in a hospital in France. He worked for the Canadian Revenue Agency in Charlotteton, Ontario. It was there that he met his future wife, Anna-Louise Pelouch, with whom he later had a daughter, Marie-France. Although it is not certain as to when exactly Pelouch and Falardeau began dating, it is known that they were together during the time of their marriage.

As is the case with most biographies on people with net worth, one cannot really expect to gain any specific insight into the private and family life of Pierre Falardeau. There is no indication whatsoever as to what type of relationship he maintained with his wife, Anna-Louise Pelouch, or whether he was married to another woman simultaneously. His only biographer, Robert Gardiner, is cautious in his conclusions about the matter, cautioning that it may be difficult to separate the two marriages. However, this same author goes on to write that it is possible that Pierre and Anna-Louise were not just lovers but more likely that they were family men who spent time together regularly.

As it turns out, the income earned by Pierre Falardeau was far higher than his official salary as a medical doctor. Some biographers have put this income level at somewhere between seventy five thousand and eighty thousand dollars. The only financial document that this particular doctor may have is the tax return of the year December 27th, 1926. This particular document does show that Pierre Falardeau made an extra sum of money for Christmas dinner and for a holiday; the exact sum of which is not recorded in his official records.

In conclusion, while there is no clear answer as to how Pierre Falardeau net worth was calculated, it can safely be said that it was substantially higher than the official records would indicate. It is also worth remembering that most people living in early twenty-first century Europe, especially in countries like France, took a very dim view of their financial affairs, especially of their salaries. There is no indication that Pierre Falardeau had any part in encouraging such a poor view of money in his time.