Primate Net Worth 2021- Salary, Income & Earnings

How much is Wrestler Primate Earnings? The answer to that question is as follows: Not much. A wrestler makes his income not by how much he earns in his matches, but by the money he makes from licensing his image and performing his autograph signings. So while you are getting paid to be a WWE star, no one is going to offer you a royalty on your likeness, so don’t expect royalties.

Primate Net Worth Is $ Million

But does it matter? Actually, no. There are so many wrestling companies out there, and they all have their own ways of generating income, that no wrestler can realistically expect to be paid an hourly wage by any company. Even during those legendary “Rumble” matches (the ones where the wrestler pins someone with his own body weight) those performers were not being paid salaries by the company they were performing for. So, realistically, how much would you earn as a professional wrestler if you didn’t have your own merchandise, your own signature, and your own entrance?

Now then, how much would you be able to earn if you did have all of that? You could be making six figure dollars a year. How much in real terms can you earn as a wrestler? It’s really all totally up to you. It would all depend on how much the company was willing to give you, and how much you truly wanted to do.

But wouldn’t it be nice to have some royalties? royalties on your merchandise sales, royalties on your autograph signings, royalties on your WWE theme song writing? All of this could add up to a lot of money! What if you actually got paid for your wrestling efforts rather than just getting paid for the opportunity to be in a wrestling ring?

You know what they say about “The King is Dead,” but not all is lost. A lot of wrestlers have made a lot of money over the years, and there are many who have retired big time. Many of these wrestlers took their merchandise lines and worked with them until they could no longer do so. Some even retired from wrestling and became motivational speakers. Many other wrestlers became actors or went on to become very successful writers or producers.

If you’ve ever been in a wrestling ring as a wrestler, you should thank your lucky stars for being able to do that. Even if you never won, you at least had a lot of fun. There really is no career like wrestling. The upside is, as a wrestler, you’ll never see that kind of money again, unless of course you decide to take another crack at it!